Exercise Everyday – Day 35

Workout Update

Daily 6 mile walking workout with minutes shaved down by the Couch to 5K running plan. I’m still on Week 1 but the joy of shaving down total workout time was just so completely awesome that I did the program twice yesterday to shave off ten minutes total, which I probably spent later nursing my sore muscles with extra stretches and an Epsom salt bath.


While rearranging furniture this morning, my eye caught a glimpse of something in the mirror… Definition on my thighs! Straightening up, I can definitely see that I’ve grown leaner after just one month of daily exercise. Add the definition in my arms that I wrote about before, my level of vanity raises to unexplored heights and well, how can I not workout everyday? (Not to mention more time spent in front of the mirror to admire my developing bod – watch out Gisele Bundchen!)

Notes for me

Time to strut my stuff over to Curves and stretch these tired muscles with some yoga-riffic exercises


One thought on “Exercise Everyday – Day 35

  1. Cool! Great job! 35 days! Keep up the good work! By the way, if you have not hear, Ab rocket is great to get your abs in shape. It is one of those as Seen on TV chairs. Just great! Easy on the back, which is ideal!

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