“Exercise everyday” – I’m doing/did(?) it!

After a grueling really fun month(!) of making exercise a daily routine, I clickity click clicked “exercise every day” onto my short list of goals on 43 Things.

Why “tackle” it when I’m already into it one month?
Hey – goal-oriented is one thing, being able to click “I’ve done this” makes me an “Achiever” even if the goals I set were low in the first place. (That’s my secret – aim low low low to the flo’!)

“Exercise every day? Why torture yourself?”
Exercise does a body sexy, but rest is seductive. You know that lil red devil that sits on the left shoulder? Yeah, that guy. First name “Rest” last name “Day” as in those Tuesdays and Thursdays you break from your regular sweaty-butt-busting workouts. I tend to spend those delicious days in utter gluttony, which makes days of exercise comparable to 8 hours of shoveling elephant dung. Using my superlative skills in logic developed from community college, I concluded that in order to achieve a sexy Pamela Anderson bod (yes I know she’s worn, but chin down she’s still hot), I have to eliminate those succulent days of rest.

One Month Recap
I started out with the 10,000 step program because hey – if Valerie Bertinelli can do from That to That (you so know what I mean), then so can I… right? 10k steps = 5 miles (roughly) so I started out walking 4 miles and then 5 miles and now 6 miles around my lovely neighborhood every day, taking in gardening tips as I pass the houses, noting furry monsters cute dogs as I pass them (*shudder) and counting squirrels as I pass them too. It was good to start with, but exactly how many more circles around my neighbors’ homes and time of running away from insane dogs do I need to walk when the infamous plateau hits?

The Now
Yesterday I took my workout “up a notch” as Emeril would say (Emeril… drooooool) by incorporating Cool Running’s Couch to 5k plan into my workout, and as a result, it cut my 1.5+ hr workout by 6 minutes! (If you’re bored/interested/curious/[insert some cool adjective that would – HEE – inflate my ego a little], you can read more here) Furthermore, my legs are sorer than the Lohans are over Anderson Cooper’s comment and I slept similarly to a grizzly in hibernation with drool and all. Sweet.

In other somewhat inspirational news, I noticed something on my left arm yesterday while applying sunblock. It was a large raised bump. Like a curious cat I used my right hand to touch it and – CALL THE PRESS – it’s muscle!!! Apparently my month-long daily workout finally burned enough fat on my arms to reveal this beauty. Hurrah! Break out the Veuve! (No margaritas or apple martinis tho – I worked too hard to drink that many calories)

Notes for me
Shop for new workout clothes, stock the fridge with more tasty protein drinks, convince my Honey that giving me a massage will help his well-being


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