C25K: Week 8, Day 1

How Goes It

Ok, all this talk about fall weather arriving on the cusp of October is dog doodoo because it was 90°F. 90 DEGREES!!!!!! At 4 pm!!!!!!!! WTF?!?! Living at the beach also offered no reprieve; if there was the slightest bit of wind (scarcely), it was the kind that blasts your face when you open the oven door at 400°F. Yeeeeeah. (Can you already tell how this entry is going to go?)

Consequently, I had to cut my run short at 24:31 which I am not happy about, but had to stop because symptoms of heatstroke were setting in. I think I got the hint when I started getting confused. Darn summer coming in fashionably late!

After splashing some cold water over my head and walking for a few minutes, I tried running towards the direction of home, but lasted only 3:30. Needless to say, I failed today. Darn summer. (Oh sorry, I said that already)

After checking the heavily inaccurate but handy weather.com, I decided to try running again tomorrow at 9 am, as it’s supposed to be just a “mere” 70°F (eye roll) as opposed to the 74°F predicted later at 4 pm. A jump outside in my skivvies tomorrow morning will help me decide on that… Otherwise I’ll make it up on Sunday.

But for now, I’m not going to sweat it. (pun intended!)

Oh and before I forget, there was one bright side to this, and that is the fact that I’m now running 9 min miles regularly (versus 10). Great news, though fully unintentional!

Thoughts While Running

You know you’re sweating excessively when you consider asking someone who is watering their lawn to splash you with some of that H2O.

At one point, I was screaming in my head “chicken! chicken! chicken!” while running up a hill. I’m not sure where that came from, but it could be connected to heatstroke, as that was the last thing I remembered thinking before being forced to stop.


90° F, Sunny (you don’t even know half of it)


100 Pushups: Week 3 Day 3 (again)

22-30-20-20 max: 17

Okay, this is beginning to not be fun. Failing is… miserable!

But alas, my arms are looking pretty sexy so vanity wins. (As usual)

All five sets were extremely hard, with set 2 needing a few super quick breaks to finish off and the last two sets needing only a brief break right before the finish. I was pretty disheartened until I looked back on my records and noticed that I actually did improve the max from  last week’s Day 3! So it’s not that bad after all.

100 consecutive push ups seem so very far away…

C25K: Week 7, Day 3

How Goes It

I think this running thing is mostly mental. It was a breeze on Thursday, but I got this wacky notion in my head during today’s run that I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to complete it, much less the 10 min interval runs I like to tack on it at the end. The hills also seemed bigger, until I decided to lower my head and look just past my feet as I climbed. Doing so suddenly gave me not a burst of power, but more like extra energy to sustain the burn of it. Surprised at this new technique, I continued to use it over and over on every hill/hard area I encountered and realized that doing so kept me in the moment. Cool deal!

I ended up kinda sorta racing a blond girl. I paced her for awhile until the distance closed between us to an uncomfortable point, at which time I went on to the street to let her have the entire sidewalk (new asphalt is softer anyway). What amazed me was that 1) I am actually faster than someone! and 2) That used to be me. All this racing seem to do so much for me, for when I went home and calculated time and distance, it turned out that I ran 8:53 min miles!

And speaking of the 8:53 min miles… Holy cow. How did I increase my speed all of a sudden? I wonder if it has to do with the sprints I’ve been running during the off days… Or the strength training?

My endurance is off the charts for this week. I can’t believe it! After the first big run, my mind was whining about how tired I was, but after putting the mind jibber jabber aside, I knew that I actually had energy left to do more. Wow!

After a 5 min walking break, I pumped out Week 6 Day 2 running intervals. Wasn’t the easiest, but it was at least so that I can see – and taste! – One Hour Runner in the horizon. 🙂

Thoughts While Running

Pancakes, waffles, coffee, toast, eggs… Running on weekend mornings means catching wisps of fragrant breakfasts floating out of the windows of different houses. Mmm!


63° F, Overcast

100 Push Ups: Week 3, Day 2 & 3

Day 2

20-25-15-15 max: 17 (I forgot to post Day 2!)

Today was definitely harder than Day 1, even with the longer break in between. I couldn’t even dream of making it past the suggested 25 in Set 5!

Day 3

22-30-20-20 max:13

Uggg. This is where my confidence in the program falters. Set 1 was kinda hard, Set 2 was a HUGE struggle, and I could barely make Set 3 and 4 happen without a 1-2 second break in between a few push ups towards the end.

I’m torn between starting Week 4 or doing this week again, as today was the only day I truly struggled. Looking ahead, Day 1 requires 21-25-21-21… Hmm! (Suggestions welcome)

C25K: Week 7, Day 2

How Goes It

I congratulate myself not because I was able to easily manage another 25 in straight run (or rather the 27:40 again because of my iPod playlist), but because I did it while carrying a 17 fl oz bottled water on my back! The small bit of weight was annoying, but somehow I got over it because I also managed to run faster (9 min/mile, according to my calculations). Of course, I have to credit the last part to this guy I saw also running and I kinda raced with. Good practice for a future 5k, yes?

It’s also amazing to me that I felt like I could run even more after the 27:40, but I didn’t. Instead, I took a 5 min walking break and polished the run off by repeating Week 6 Day 2 runs, for a total of 47:40 minutes ran.

I find it interesting that I suddenly can do these runs easily. I wonder if it has to do with active recovery program I do between running days instead of full-blown cardio?

Thoughts While Running

The weather here in LA is still pretty hot (and getting hotter). I can’t wait to run during cooler weather…

I can’t believe how scared and frustrated I used to be with all the hills. They’re like nothing but bumps in the road to me now!

Daylight savings time is coming up. Run at night? I don’t think so. I may need to change my running time.


72° F, Sunny

C25K: Week 7, Day 1

How Goes It

Since this is a 25 min straight run, I decided to go with my own music versus the podcast. I couldn’t match my music up to exactly 25 minutes, but I was definitely very proud of myself for completing the 27:40 it took to do my entire playlist!

After completing that, I took a 5 minute walking break and repeated Week 6 Day 2 for a total run of 47:40. I initially planned on doing Week 6 Day 1, but it felt so good after five minutes that I decided to go for the full ten.

I am, however, paying for the consequences of pushing out a big run yesterday because my calves are in PAIN today! I’m not too bothered by it though, I shall wear it like a badge of honor. 🙂

Thoughts While Running

I saw the cutest little Beagle EVER. If I wasn’t in the process of completing the very last ten minutes of the run, I would have snaked that cute little smiling dude.


70° F, Sunny

Workout 90 Days Straight: Day 76

Still on top of it! 2 more weeks til the big 9-0.

After the second month, my body made drastic changes; it was something I couldn’t stop. Internally, I feel much more energetic and I’m sleeping so much better. Externally, I burned off so much fat that my muscles are making an appearance again (welcome back!), so I incorporated some strength training to further define my muscles. Most of my clothes are pretty big now, even the stuff I couldn’t fit into before are swimming on me. I can barely recognize myself in the mirror – “Who is that lean chick?” I’d ask.

Providing daily exercise is probably the best gift I could ever give to me. I hope I never stop!



119 lbs.

117 lbs.

114 lbs – side view with arm flex

114 lbs – My new six-pack!

114 lbs – Growing muscles on my back

My current weight is around 112 lbs… More pictures soon…