C25K: Week 1, Day 2

How Goes It…

Week 1, Day 1 was 1) such the ego-booster and 2) had such an efficient impact on my regular workout routine that yesterday I relented to the delicious temptation of doing it twice in one day. YES ladies and gentlemen, a brilliant idea in the makings if I don’t say so myself [insert Pulitzer here!] and primarily motivated by the possibility of shaving off much more time off the total time it takes to drag myself through complete my 6 mile/day workout.

End result? TEN minutes total shaved. Woohoo!

That evening? NOT woohoo. Tons of stretches, an Epsom salt bath and a couple of Advils later, my aching muscles were finally muffled so I could drool over my pillow in quality sleep. (sexy sexy)

Thoughts While Running

Every time there’s a hill, it’s time to run. By the time I reach the top, it’s time to walk. What is up with that?! And I do mean HILLS not bumps – I live in a beach community, so you can only imagine. (Note to self: replace negative thoughts with images of defined legs…)

Squirrel Count
Zero. (gasp!)

Conditions (tracking purposes for me)
Sunny 74°


One thought on “C25K: Week 1, Day 2

  1. Keep it up!

    And yes, positive imagery works better than dreaded thoughts.

    With each stride see your legs becoming stronger…see the well defined edges of each muscle strand of your quads…watch in your mind as your hams and butt contract and relax and become more and more defined…each step becomes easier and more effortless…your legs are getting lighter as your muscles become stronger…you see yourself at the top of the hill, smiling and triumphant as you press onward…

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