Surviving the Heat

Happy Friday eve! I hope you had a great (short!) week so far. Feels like the weekend just ended when it’s about to begin again. Can we have this every week please?

P.S. I kept thinking today is Friday. Anyone else make that mistake today as well?

Morning Mentions

Last night was another warm one. Hmm, now I’m starting to think my AC is broken. Of course everything breaks down right when you’re trying to sell your house right? (My wallet is NOT appreciating this.)


That was the temp in our house right before I went to bed (don’t mind the time, as it’s about an hour off). 79! Aye…

Anyway! After running the fan again, the evening was tolerable. I can’t wait to get the AC fixed so I can snuggle down in frigid temps while it remains hot outside. Spoiled much? πŸ˜‰

As for this morning, I started it with a cup of Vanilla Nut flavored coffee. I’m kind of glad I’m almost done with it, because today I bought a can of Butterscotch Toffee flavored coffee and I can’t wait to get into it already!


Spot the dog. πŸ™‚


I woke up SORE from yesterday’s workout. Yeow! It’s a good thing I didn’t schedule anything to do today that was strenuous or required me to pretend to NOT walk funny. Heh.

On today’s fitness agenda: 40 minute walk on an active rest day


Sheesh was it warm! Bruno needed a drink soon after we started and I was sweating up a storm. I can’t imagine what it’d be like if we started later in the day.

(At this point, I wouldn’t mind if fall came early…)


Remember those dashingly dark bananas from yesterday? I couldn’t resist digging into them and so I made them into Two Ingredient Pancake today. Yum!



I’m now done to one half dark banana. Wonder what I should do with it?

After breakfast, I completed some work projects and then went to the grocery store to grab a couple of things. I finished my last salad yesterday, so it was time to prep some more:


Helloooo healthy bundle! Eight salads ready to grab and eat without a thought. Foolproof.


Right after I prepped the salads, it was time for lunch. So of course I grabbed one of the boxes for my meal. Ha



Salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar and topped with two hard boiled eggs with a sprinkle of ground pepper. Healthy and filling. πŸ˜€


We took advantage of the less sweltering temps this evening and grilled up some steaks:



Filet mignon cooked medium rare (moo!) with a side of cauliflower rice (seasoned with onion and garlic powders, and S+P) and – one of my faves – oven roasted brussels sprouts.


And of course I followed it up with frozen grapes.

Meanwhile, Bruno followed up his dinner with some tail-chasing:

2013-09-05 20.48.26

Silly dog!

Eating-wise, it was a GREAT day. Fitness? If I remembered to stretch (oops), it would have been better. Stress? A little overwhelmed, but I’m learning to get a handle on it.

I hope you had a great day, see ya tomorrow!


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