TGIF! And House Pics

Howdy to you and TGIF on the best TGIF there is – as in the one before a long weekend, yeah!

Morning Mentions

I woke up nice and early again this morning in anticipation of a mid-morning early afternoon showing of our house today.


Spot the cats!

There was no fitness today because I had so much to do … and I was about THIS close to tears from being overstressed. Ergh, it feels so pathetic to be at the end of my rope already!

So I ended up skipping a workout two days in a row in favor of sweeping, mopping, moving, wiping, stashing, and washing. Although I was moving non-stop, I hated that I opted out of my workout, but in the end, I felt better for it and keeping my sanity is what counts.


After this breakfast, I am down to two bananas. Hmm, I wonder if I can do this same recipe but sub the bananas for pumpkin?



Two Ingredient Pancake … again. Three days in a row of the same brekkie and it hasn’t gotten old yet. 🙂


After the showing of our house, I started feeling MUCH beter. For one, I was smiling and laughing again – to my fiance’s relief!

Unfortunately, I was also crashing from the adrenaline leaving my system, which lead to a delicious 20 minute nap. Ooooh afternoon naps, I am sooo in love with you right now. I think we should get together for a few minutes every day!

With much of the stress gone and exhaustion temporarily taken care of, my appetite returned – so much so that I made a veggie frittata again with one my boxed salads:



The only difference today was that instead of Cholula, I spiced this thing up with Sriracha. Thanks to my Sparkbuddy LADYTARLTON for the inspiration!

Post-lunch was spent at my nail salon getting all my broken nails taken care of. Cleaning house destroyed my hands… 😦


I didn’t mean to eat a cheat dinner, but now that I am feeling so much better, my appetite’s become voracious!

We picked up dinner from Thompkins Square, a local bar and grill:






I ordered a Greek salad (amazing!), grilled chicken breast entree topped with goat cheese and mushrooms with a side of honey mustard dressing and grilled veggies. My fiance and I shared a sausage sampler – MUCHO DELISH! – and some slices of bread.

Is that not a crazy spread or what!

And uh, I ate ALL of it minus a few slices of bread. It was delicious and I was stuffed to the max.

I also followed it up with frozen grapes a few hours later because I love ending my days with some kind of sweet.

I know I ingested a lot of calories, but really – this was the first time in a week or so that I felt like eating. At least it was made up of whole and healthy foods for the most part – not like a few weeks ago when I gorged on enchiladas and felt nauseous afterwards.

And I WILL workout tomorrow, which will be fun because hiking with my man and my dog always is! 🙂

House Pics

So I figured, since I’ve done nothing but complain about everything under the sun when it comes to selling this house, I might as well share pictures of the shelter I’ve been slaving over. Heh.

Living Room:

Living Room W 11

Living Room 2

Living Room 15

Dining Room:

Dining Room 3


Kitchen 3


Foyer 4

Foyer 6

Office/Second Bedroom:

Office 1

Office 4

Master Bedroom/Bath/Closet:

Bedroom 3

Bathroom 2


Patio:Patio 1

Patio 2

NOTE: There is one room I completely forgot to photograph, and that is the second bathroom. Whoops!

It’s a little sad leaving our cozy little home, but we’ve outgrown it and there are too many reasons to move that outweigh the reasons to stay. And anyway, as much as I do love our awesome neighborhood, I am excited to move into a new area where there’s more action! I’ve lived in LA for 18 years, but I’ve never actually fulfilled my dream of living in a city. (Well, living at the beach used to be my dream, but now that I can cross that off my list, I’m on to the next dream to fulfill.)

Friday Snippets

Some happenings today:









Well, that’s it for today. I hope you had a great Friday!

See ya tomorrow. 🙂


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