Meal and Fitness Plans

Meal Plan

Revised August 8, 2013

SparkPeople was instrumental in teaching me how to eat and how to gain control of my eating habits. I am total emotional eater – when I’m happy, I want to devour the world… I just happen to be a happy person!

I attribute my previous success with weight loss to SparkPeople’s Nutrition Tracker. Not only is it great to make sure I don’t overeat, it actually ensures that I don’t under-eat as well. It also keeps track of how much of the important nutrients I’m getting in a day for optimum health and performance (i.e. calcium, fiber, protein, etc.) – a topic I’ve given more importance as I age. I use it religiously.

A few other best friends of mine are my food scale and measuring instruments (measuring cups and spoons). I can’t tell you how much help it’s been in helping me to portion-size! Like most Americans, I had no clue that most of the portions I ate before were always for two or more. Now, I weigh and measure just about everything I can. Years later and I still measure my food because my eyes are terrible at judging. I may always do this, and if that is the case, I don’t mind.

Reading health topics on SparkPeople on a daily basis really helps me to get in the right mindset to live healthily. It helps to deprogram my mind so that I can properly at home AND outside of the house and keeps me motivated to workout. The way I see it is, if I am not surrounded by people who live the healthy life, then I should absolutely pump my head with information about how to stay on track.

As of this time of writing, I am in the weight-loss stage.

Because I am very short – 5 feet tall – with a BMR of around 1100, my daily caloric intake is anywhere from 1000 to 1300 per day during the weight-loss stage.

My typical weekday looks like this:

  • Breakfast – Protein + carbs, 250-300 calories
  • Lunch – Protein + veggies, 250-300 calories
  • Dinner – Protein + veggies, 300-500 calories
  • Dessert – Fruit, 70-100 calories
  • Drinks (throughout the day) – 100 calories

My typical weekend day is a little more varied, but for the most part it looks like this:

  • Pre-Workout – Carbs, 100 calories
  • Breakfast – Protein + veggies + carbs, 250-300 calories
  • Lunch/Dinner – Protein + veggies, 400-600 calories
  • Snack – 100 calories
  • Dessert – Fruit, 70-100 calories
  • Drinks (throughout the day) – 100 calories

See my SparkPeople Tracker!


Revised August 20, 2013

Oh man oh MAN have I come a long way.

I’ve said it so many times before, but this time is IT for me: I will lose the weight and KEEP it off. (That is, until I have babies of course!). And to accomplish this, I have to first recognize what made me fail in the past. Upon review, I noticed the following re-occurring theme: heavy workout schedule, get burnt out, fall off the wagon. So with this information in mind, how am I going to be successful this time around?

I realized quickly that I am great with routine but terrible with change – this is what I need to keep in mind to create a program that will help me be successful. It was because of this introspection that I decided to create a program that will be focused on one mindset: If I can’t continue the program after I lose the weight, then it’s not the one for me.

This is not to say that exercising intensely during the weight loss process then moderately thereafter would work, because it would. It just wouldn’t work for me because by the time I reach my goal weight, I am so burnt out on dieting and exercising so much. I tried many times and I couldn’t do it! I think I’d do better exercising the same while in maintenance with the only change being in my calorie intake.


  • Couch to 5k (modified) with my dog
  • Strength Training: Nike Training app (Friday optional)
  • Stretch


  • Active Rest Day: walk 40 minutes with my dog
  • Stretch


  • 5 mile hike with the dog
  • Stretch


  • 5 mile hike with the dog OR 40 minute walk with the dog OR total rest day
  • Stretch

Future Plans

Half marathon in January 2014?


3 thoughts on “Meal and Fitness Plans

  1. Half the battle is figuring out what works for you. Everyone’s life style differs. You are smart in realizing that 😀 Best of luck to you! You look terrific! Way to go on your goals 🙂 P.S. Say hello to the beaches in California for me. Gosh I miss them! hahaha

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