About Me

Updated August 8, 2013

Hi! My name is Annie and welcome to my health and fitness blog. 🙂

  • I’m 33!
  • I’ve been on this journey for six years
  • I’ve lost a lot of weight!
  • But gained it all back 😦
  • Multiple times in six years
  • So after straying… again
  • I’m back to recommit
  • With all the weight I gained along with it.
  • I need accountability, because:
  • I am darn good at losing weight, but
  • I am darn awful at keeping it off.
  • I am mostly good with workouts, but
  • I am AWESOME at eating everything in sight.
  • I love, love, LOVE food.
  • I love, love, LOVE sugar even more.
  • Actually I’m a sugar addict
  • (no “moderation” for me)
  • I’m fighting the addiction!
  • Recovery says: I will manage the addiction,
  • But there is no beating it.
  • I accept that.
  • I want to be strong again
  • I want to lift heavy things around the house
  • I miss running.
  • Another half in Jan 2014?
  • But I will I need to get fit again
  • And lose some poundage.
  • But I am wiser now!
  • Wiser: focus on health more than vanity.
  • (Tho I won’t turn down a cuter bod)
  • (Or a firmer butt)
  • (Or shapely thighs)
  • (Or … oops. Think health, Annie, HEALTH!)
  • I want to blog daily.
  • And share my eats – good and bad.
  • And show my workouts
  • And announce which ones I missed
  • (Because I loooove to sleep in)
  • More news: I got a dog!
  • He’s got 8 lbs to lose (per his vet)
  • We will be running together
  • And eating broccoli together
  • And cutting down on treats together.
  • (doggy loves to sleep and eat like his mama)
  • Will you join me?
  • Will you cheer me on?
  • I need you.
  • Let’s do this together.
  • Huzzah!

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