Exercise Everyday: Day 36

First of all, I was so busy doing something oh-so-important (organizing vacation pictures from 2006 – go me!) that I almost forgot to work out. When I saw that it was 3:27 pm – I try to workout right at 3 pm – I jumped from my seat in search for my workout clothes.

I do have to admit, however, for a few quick seconds, I didn’t feel like working out! I lathered on a few layers of sunscreen (I use so much, I practically fund Coppertone’s holiday party every year) and felt okay about that so I put on my gear and felt okay about that too. It wasn’t until well after a tumultuous start that I felt super duper fantastic about shaking my in-the-process-of-getting-firm-once-again booty out there pounding the pavement.

Another 6 miles under my belt – hurrah!

Until tomorrow…

P.S. In case you were so very concerned about my altercation with the beast dog yesterday because that’s the kind of nice person you are, I did not run into him today.


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