C25K: Week 1, Day 3

How Goes It…

Ugh. This is how it started:

  1. I got a late start.
  2. I spent 5 minutes ransacking my house looking for my iPod, which has the C25K program on it. Now I’m even more late. Double ugh!
  3. Right when I stepped outside, I realized I’d forgotten to eat. Go back inside and wolf down banana.
  4. I forgot my towel! Unattractively super sweaty eww…
  5. During what I thought was my second round of Week One for the day, I realized I was doing Week THREE. How did that happen?! Spend a few minutes futzing with it. $%#@ technology…
  6. Hair came undone during the run. Right when I tried to fix it, it was time to run again. Ugh.

To challenge myself today instead of jogging, I BOOKED it. Hey – I gotta burn off all that champagne, PF Chang’s and tiramisu I wolfed down during my anniversary dinner last night!

Thoughts While Running

You know what would make this totally fun? A dog. Of course I’m too much of a commitment-phobe to actually get a dog, but it’d be great if I could actually rent one!

Squirrel Count

Um… none? I have no idea where they’ve been!

Conditions (tracking purposes for me)

Sunny 73°


One thought on “C25K: Week 1, Day 3

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