Exercise Everyday: Add Curves?

Even though my body’s leaner these days from my daily workouts, I can’t help but think that my fat-loss venture is moving a slower pace than most people. Now granted I am petite who was only eight-to-nine pounds away from being technically overweight when I started working out again, but I envy the people who say “I lost five pounds last month!” just from doing what I do.

Last year, I lost five pounds in two months just from running 3 days/week and going to Curves 3 days/week. This year, even though I’m doing what I think is more, I lost about one pound this past month. Maybe the trick is to add Curves into my routine again, but I’m a bit weary of doing so.

While adding Curves to my routine isn’t the issue, it’s the possibility of not going after a few times because of the days I don’t go in between. After all, the reason I decided to workout everyday in the first place was to eliminate any possibility of falling off the wagon thanks to those rest days. I realize all I can worry about is today, so if I decide to do this, I’ll have to spend the next few days getting myself mentally for it next week.


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