TGIF! And a few words about indulging


Morning Mentions

I would have gotten up at my normal time this morning, but my fiance grumpily told me that after being woken up three times by the dog last night to go outside, he on a mission to sleep in.

And I, being the very concerned and considerate fiance, decided to get back into bed so not to disturb his sleep with my morning business.


I’ve been sleeping so much more lately. In addition to sleeping in twice this week, I started taking 20-minute naps in the afternoon (except for today, only because I got too busy). I feel so much better! It is also helping me to endure some of the stress I have going on. Sooo much better than shoving caffeine into my system.

Anyway, when I finally got up at 7:30 am (YIKES!), I poured my morning cup of joe and sipped it in broad daylight – something that doesn’t happen as much anymore.


Spot the cat!


Is it possible for muscles to be more sore on Day 2 than Day 1??? Because – oh my thighs! For a few minutes I considered whether or not to workout today, but remembering how amazing it feels after a workout, I overcame my objections, grabbed Bruno and walked out the door…

And walked smack into air so humid and thick, you would have thought you stepped into the biggest steam room in the world.


On the fitness agenda today:

C25k Week 4

By some miracle, Bruno and I ROCKED it – even though the humidity! The five minutes didn’t feel like five long minutes anymore (save for the last 30 seconds), my breathing recovered quickly after each interval and we had plenty of energy leftover afterwards (of course this could be because I’m training Bruno not to sprint uphill). We even tacked on an extra two minute interval of running at the end! But best of all, by the time we were done, my sore muscles felt so much better. I was high as a kite from all those beautiful endorphins running through my system.


Can I tell you a quick funny story that happened today? Since Bruno and I use the same beginning route for our workouts for both runs and walks, I noticed that there is a certain intersection when he sort of halts and looks up at me for direction. What he is waiting for is for me to tap my Garmin so that it would BEEP-BEEP-BEEP and then off we would run. On days we just walk, my Garmin doesn’t make a sound and just continue our way.

Well, today, the Garmin had just started its first beep when Bruno got completely excited and sprinted away – without me being ready! You can just imagine what we looked like – an 85 pound dog suddenly taken off dragging me behind him. And of course this had to happen at the busiest intersection in my neighborhood at a time when everyone is leaving for work or coming back from dropping their kids off at school… Oh my ego!


Post-workout, I found my muscles warm and flexible, but definitely not as pliable as they were on Wednesday (ah, DOMS). For instance, remember my little news about finally being able to touch the floor with my toes in the plow pose? Pffffft not today! Getting the bottoms of my fingers on the floor took some work and I really had to push to get my left heel down on the floor in the down dog pose. All I can do though is keep working at it and wait out the DOMS. Makes me appreciate my progress so much more now!


A new spin on an old breakfast:


Kashi waffles topped with sweetened peanut butter Greek yogurt and topped with half a banana. BEST EVER!!!!

Into the yogurt mix: 3 oz plain Greek yogurt, 1 tbsp Better n Peanut Butter, 1 tsp sweetener. (Next time, I will add a splash of vanilla and shake some cinnamon into the mix)

After breakfast, I quickly got ready for a hair appointment.


2013-09-06 10.50.16


2013-09-06 11.51.05

In my dreams, I am filthy rich with a hairdresser available to do my hair every day. Wishing I had a talent for doing hair…


Er … it looks like I can only tell you what I had for lunch today because I totally forgot to take a pic! I was really stressed out when I came back from my hair appointment and was paying only half attention to prepping my food. Before I knew it, I was halfway done when I remembered about snapping a pic. Oops.

Today’s lunch: a boxed salad topped with scrambled egg and salsa. Easy and filling!


Whew, what a busy day! Before we knew it, dinner was upon us and with the Dodger game on, we were reluctant to leave the house. Answer? Delivery!



I ordered a Cajun grilled salmon, but pulled together the side dishes from food that was already in my fridge: cauliflower rice (seasoned with S+P, garlic powder, onion powder and paprika), steamed green beans and roasted brussels sprouts. I also took a few bites out of some toasted French bread and my fiance’s pizza… all soooooo good.

A Few Words About Indulging

As I mentioned, last weekend was a pretty indulgent one for me. Eating whatever I wanted (except sugar – I learned my lesson with that stuff!), skipping workouts, and sleeping 14 hours a day was so much fun, but on Wednesday, I was so over the calorie and was quite eager to get back on the healthy living wagon. I probably should feel guilty and regretful, but you know what? I don’t feel any of those things right now.

It took the last few days for me to realize that sometimes taking a day or two, a weekend, or even a whole week is good for my sanity. As you already know, losing weight can be so taxing on the mind and stamina. Sometimes, I think I just need some time “off” to remind myself how much better I feel eating mostly healthy rather than eating burgers every night. Sometimes, “falling off the wagon” as we put it, inserts the passion right back into healthy living. It’s almost like living a glimpse of my old life to motivate me to continue with my new path. I don’t schedule these times to happen, but it seems to happen regularly and I’m learning to allow myself to have breaks when I feel “burnt out” by dieting.

So from here on out, I pledge to not feel guilty about splurging – food is to be enjoyed after all! When I splurge, I will enjoy every bite but trust myself that I will get back to eating healthy instead of feeling terrible about it and eating a salad as punishment. The only thing, of course, that I can’t touch is sugar because once that sweet stuff touches my lips, I am done for. But a-ok for everything else.:)

Scenes From Today




On the agenda tomorrow: hike with the dog, a healthy breakfast, a nap in the afternoon, and relaxing in front of the tv. I’m ready!

I hope you had a great Friday. See ya tomorrow!



Here’s the deal:

  • I miss blogging.
  • I miss holding myself accountable more, because:
  • I am darn good at losing weight, but darn awful at keeping it off.
  • I am mostly good with workouts, but even better at derailing in the eating area.
  • I love food.
  • I love sugar with an unhealthy passion.
  • Turns out, I’m addicted to sugar.
  • So I’m fighting the sugar addiction.
  • Recovery reads that I will manage the addiction, but will never beat it.
  • I’m willing to do it.
  • I want to be strong again too.
  • By the way, I ran a half-marathon in January 2012 – and came in a hair over 2 hours!
  • I may want to do it again this upcoming January.
  • But before that, I will have to get fit again.
  • I also want to lose some poundage.
  • But this time, I’m wiser.
  • By wiser, I mean that I will be more focused on health than vanity.
  • (Though I won’t turn down a cuter bod)
  • So I want to blog daily again.
  • I want to share my food – the good and the bad.
  • I want to document my workouts – and announce which ones I missed.
  • (Because I love to sleep in)
  • More news: I got a dog.
  • Who needs to lose 8 pounds (per his vet)
  • So we will be running together
  • And eating broccoli together
  • And cutting down on treats together.
  • (Because doggy loves to sleep and eat like his mama)
  • Will you join me?
  • Will you cheer me on?
  • I need you.
  • Let’s do this together.

Choose One: Awesome Body OR Be the 1% Who Finishes a Marathon

Soooo I gained about 6-7 pounds since hitting my lowest weight.


I should not let the scale control me, after all, the scale does not account for the insane muscle I built since last December. I now have the ability to clench my quads; it’s pretty darn sexy (to me!) on how they kind of pop out on their own when I stand up. I even have that “slit” on the side of the leg… Me likey! And my biceps – holy moly. I feel strong. I look strong. My shoulders are fabulously sculpted. Even my back is starting to develop little by little. I can do full planks and rotate my planks like nobody’s business (side plank 1 min, regular plank 1 min, other side plank 1 min, regular plank 1 min, repeat – all done with no rest in between). My cardiovascular health is just fantastic: I can keep up with the hardest instructors at the gym without collapsing and I can run miles upon miles without my heart rate spiking. 🙂

But best of all, a gym instructor described my physique as “athletic”!!!!!!!

But I am annoyed that my once-defined 6-pack is now a puffy 4-pack-ish. A layer of fat developed on my arms, hiding my guns a little. Same to be said about my thighs.

How did this happen? Oh I so know how this happened. It’s called the holidays and marathon training.

I can’t believe I’m still battling holiday weight. It’s May for heaven’s sake!

But the marathon… Running longer distances makes me out to look like an Ethiopian at Hometown Buffet. Seriously, after an 11-miler last Monday, I ate a pretty good sized dinner (1.5 cups pasta, veggies, garlic bread, 6-9 oz jumbo shrimp), but an hour later, I was experiencing hunger pains. Not only am I eating more than HB, but I end up begging for scraps from his plate! I already upped my caloric intake to 1500-1800 with 6 meals a day, but I’m going to have to eat at least 2000 with 8 meals or so on weeks where I have a long run. That’s the downside when you start burning 1000+ calories in one session.

Thankfully, the appetite spike lasts for about 5-6 days or so. Last weekend I went a little nuts while we were in Palm Springs (yes it was a vacation, but I should still have been able to exercise some kind of restraint when it came to the chocolate fondue lol), but by Monday, my appetite lessened by a whole lot; to the point where 1300-1500 calories felt okay again (I am only 5’0)… just in time for this week’s huge reduction in mileage for rest week!

So what am I to do about the weight? Well I should do zip-zero-nothing about it, at least until I am done training for the marathon. After all, my body needs all the nutrients (and carbs carbs carbs!!!) it needs to carry to the 26.2 finish line. The real question is, “Choose one: great looking body OR finish a marathon”, after all, a it isn’t a great looking body that helps me run; it is a strong, practiced body that is fed with enough nutrients that helps me to cross this goal off my list. Plus, I certainly am desperate to become the 1% of the population who completed a marathon. Hoorah!

Riiiight. Easier said (or typed!) than done – especially when you have a pair of in laws boasting with brand new figures thanks to Weight Watchers coming into visit in two weeks. o_O (They’re actually very nice and gorgeous people. I’m happy for them and can’t wait to see how amazing they look (additional motivation!); this is just the insecure me talking/typing.)

Fortunately, I’m more of a “get it fixed” girl rather than “drown in my woes,” so here is my plan:

  1. Remind myself of the commitment I made to the marathon.
  2. Exercise every day. As in Monday through Sunday. I’m going back to what I know works, which is exercising every day (I did it for 120 days straight!). I already have Monday through Friday down, I just need to make Saturday and Sunday a habit. I already talked to HB about walking on the weekends and he is down for it. HB himself is currently not working out at all, so this will be a very good thing for him too.
  3. Veggies veggies veggies. People say Chinese food is fattening, but I actually lost a lot of fat from eating it. lol Early in the week I order brown rice, fish steamed with ginger and onion, and three orders of different kind of veggie stir fry (eggplant dish, green beans stir fry, and gourmet vegetable). For lunch every day I would serve myself 1/2 cup brown rice, a 3 oz serving of fish and a cup of each veggie dish. That, followed by a small dinner works like a charm and – unless I’m running long distances! – keeps me from going hungry.
  4. STOP PICKING MYSELF APART! Write a brag sheet on a post it and stick it next to my before picture.
  5. Wear beautiful clothes It makes me feel my best and at the same time, draws my attention away from the parts I am so desperate to change.

Wish me luck as I’m certainly going to need it! Here goes…

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Planned: Super Sculpt Class, 60 min
We had that sub today, the yoga lady who killed is in Core Training last week. HARD – which is fine, except it was a little unorganized. I did notice though that the 8 pounders are getting a little too light. I think I might need to move to 10’s, which is a weight I hadn’t lifted since I was a teen!


Planned: Recumbent Trainer, 27 minutes
This is getting SO VERY BORING! If it wasn’t so very good for the development of my quads, I’d sock this workout already.

Planned: Treadclimber, 27 minutes
I am so over the Treadclimber; the elliptical is such a refreshing change. I typically avoid this machine like the plague on non-running days, but I found that going backwards on it works out my quads, so I’m having a blast on it thus far!

Planned: Core Training Class, 45 minutes
I love it when an instructor arrives before class; it ensures that it will start on time howeverrrrrrrrrrrrr, she was early but started late. I was annoyed. I did notice however that my abs are so much stronger than when I first started and my running is benefiting from it greatly. Maybe I should add in another abs-focused session later in the week?

Planned: Strength & Flexibility Yoga, 75 minutes
It is so obvious that I haven’t done as much yoga as I should have, but I’m happy that I went to this one. I didn’t push myself as much as I should have; I was too busy yawning. lol

Mon. May 4, 2009

Planned: Speed Test, Magic Mile, 3 mi
Results: 7:34 MM
OMG so HARD! Those acceleration gliders sure can make your lungs feel like they’re about to blow up. I clocked in 7:34 for the mile test. Not good, but not bad either. It blew my mind that people run at that pace in a marathon. Good Lord. I’m going crazy knowing that I only have 3 miles scheduled today, especially after a gluttonous weekend in Palm Springs. Maybe if I’m feeling frisky later in the afternoon, I’ll stop by the gym and pour gallons of sweat on my new friend, the elliptical.

Run 500 Miles in 2009: Apr. 26-May 2

“I run because I want to. I run because through running I am discovering parts of myself that I didn’t know were there. I run because most days it feel so good to move my body with my own strength and will.” – John “The Penguin” Bingham, The Courage to Start

Week’s Summary: I’m very excited about the 10.5 mile run scheduled for Monday – uncharted distances are always so much fun!!!! The weather is looking good for it too; it should be a cool 55 degrees on the beach with slight winds. PERFECTO.

Date Type Target Pace Target Miles Time Done Miles Done Notes
Sun 26
Mon 27 Long Easy 10.5 mi 1:50:00 11.01 The first 4 miles were done run-walk-run, that is, until I experienced a tech failure that erased my running program on the Garmin (user error). I decided to run the rest of the route non-stop, which was amazing! I forgot how amazing it is to just zone out. Other than the tiniest bit of knee pain, I finished strong and even pushed effortlessly for extra half mile for a nice, rounded number.
Tue 28
Wed 29 Short Easy 4 mi 40:00 4.3 mi I carried a pair of jeans for 2.25 miles to the dry cleaners, got a few strange looks. LOL Rt knee hurt a lil at the end, tho went away during the cooldown walk. Maybe running non-stop is taking a toll?
Thu 30
Fri 1 Short Easy 3 mi 40:04 4.42 mi HUMID!!! Ran 1 mile fast.
Sat 2

Week’s Target Mileage: 18.5 miles
Week’s Completed Mileage: 19.73 miles
Month to Date: 83.42miles For the sake of simplicity, Mar. 29-May 2 will be considered a month
Year to Date: 137.8 miles
Miles to 500: 362.2 miles

Conclusion: Last week, I was actually doubting my abilities to actually be able to finish the marathon. This week, however, after Monday’s run, I was PUMPED! My confidence is building and I can actually see the finish line. Woohoo!

Exercise 10k Minutes in 2009: Apr. 26-May 2

Date Minutes Activities Notes
Sun 26:
Mon 27: 126 Run Run+16min WU&CD
Tue 28: 234 Gym 60min SS+27min Bike+27min TC+45min CT+75min Yoga
Wed 29: 56 Run Run+16min WU&CD
Thu 30: 147 Gym 60min ST+30min Yoga+27min Bike+30min Elliptical+75min Yoga
Fri 1: 54 Run Run+14min WU&CD
Sat 2:

Week’s Total: 617 min
Month to Date: 3207 min
Year to Date: 8306.54 min
Minutes to 10k: 1693.46 min

WU&CD = Warm up and cool down (with run)
TC = Treadclimber
CT = Core Training class
SS = Super Sculpt class
ST = Strength Training class