A Week of Not Sleeping

I haven’t slept – like really slept – in about a week.

As a result, I’ve been ultra irritable, incapable of focusing on any task, and, of course, exhausted.

What is going on you ask?

We are currently selling our house – and by dog – it is one of the most stressful things I have ever dealt with in my life. And here I thought buying was stressful – selling is 10x so! (At least with buying a house, you are fueled by excitement. Selling, you are filled with fright and nerves.)

After spending days packing and hours staging my house today, I am mostly done with Part I of the stressful stuff. The realtor came by today and took some fabulous pictures – of which I’ll post when our house closes! – which means I can now at least live in my house with the things I need, instead of stashing things away to make counters look larger, the living room look more spacious, and the patio area picturesque for a potential buyer to fantasize entertaining a group of close friends for an evening.

Although my stress level is the lowest it’s been in about a week, the craziness is just beginning. There is still the matter of making a quick scram outta the house when we get the call for a showing, figuring out what new area to move to, looking for a new house to live in, decide what to do with the animals when we are moving, budget and plan for the move (ew! I hate moving.), and then changing my address with 10,000 different companies. I wish I could snap my fingers and be in my new house already. Siiiigh.

Any advice for me about moving two senior cats and a bat crazy dog?

Morning Mentions


COFFEE! Oh how I needed it this morning. You always know how tired you are based on how long it takes to feel the wonderful effects of caffeine. It took me probably a good hour for these eyelids to finally open more than its halfway point. Spot the dog!



With the fantastic effects of caffeine flowing smoothly through my veins, it was time for Bruno and I to workout.

On today’s fitness agenda:

C25k W3.5 - Mod 2

Just last Friday I was mentioning about how I may need another week of this program, but you know what? I think I may be ready for Week 4! Isn’t it incredible how quickly the body adapts?


There was no Strength Training today because I was too crazy busy! However, I was incredibly active from the time I woke up until the minute right before I started typing this blog. With all the lifting I had to do, it might as well be considered ST, right?


Today’s delicious brekkie was a repeat from Friday:



Kashi waffles topped with sweetened Greek yogurt mix and topped with baked peaches. YUM!

Into the Greek yogurt mix: 4 oz plain Greek yogurt, sweetener, cinnamon, a splash of vanilla extract, and the juices from the peaches after it was microwaved (for 1 min).

In irrelevant news, as I was photographing my breakfast, I noticed these on-goings:



This is a BIG deal, folks, because Bruno and Zacky are usually harassing each other, but here they are NAPPING together! And they are *this* close to spooning. Finally, my two furbabies are getting along! Squeeee!


Starting right after breakfast, I was heinously busy packing, cleaning and re-arranging. All that moving around made me HUNGRY!



Today’s lunch was awesomely fast yet tasty because of all the salads I prepped on Friday. I drizzled some balsamic vinegar on the salad, then topped it with a chicken thigh last night from the rotisserie chicken I bought last Thursday. (I froze them last week and defrost them in the fridge the night before the day I plan on eating the chicken).


Have you staged a house before? It’s time-consuming and a bit harrowing if it’s your own house, but actually a lot of fun. One of my favorite things I did with my house was dress up my patio as if I was expecting company for dinner and some wine. In another part of my patio, I set up two chairs and small table, then added a tray containing two cups and saucer and a newspaper. While it looked pretty amazing, I immediately felt regretful that we never used our lovey patio more than a few times in the six year we’ve lived in this house. Hmm, we may have to plan a dinner outside this week sometime!



Dinner tonight: carnitas, cauliflower Spanish “rice,” and steamed green beans. Easy, quick and delicious!

For the Spanish rice, I just mixed the cauliflower with some chunky salsa. I purposely omitted the garlic and onion powders, and I think I like it better this way.

Thankfully, I used only one of the two pouches of carnitas that it came with (Costco), so you won’t be seeing me repeat carnitas meals for days on end as I did in the past.

Post supper, my customary frozen grapes. 😀

Well, that was my day! I hope you had a day that as wonderful and a whoooole lot less stressful as mine. I’ll be catching up on some blogs tonight then hitting the hay. I have a feeling i’ll be able to sleep tonight!

See ya tomorrow,


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