Saturday Cheats and Sunday Snippets


I hope you had a great weekend thus far. Mine’s been super busy and fun, but boy am I exhausted. Actually, I can’t remember when the last time I didn’t feel so tired. I think I need a vacation.

Saturday Morning

This was the day I was hosting the most people at my house ever for dinner: myself, my fiance, my sister, her husband, and her three kids. I was particularly excited because I hadn’t seen them in five years and they decided that this was the year the entire family would visit LA from my hometown Boston!

All week I’ve prepped for the night: deep housecleaning, furniture re-arranging, decluttering, meal planning, shopping and food prepping. My Type-A personality,perfectionist tendencies and people lover personality at reared its head in full-force,  (No wonder I’m exhausted, right?)

Prior to Saturday, it was my intention to work out the dog in the early morning, but after examining my to-do list, I just couldn’t fit it in. And with Bruno, I can usually get away with not exercising him one day after a hard workout but …

Bruno had other plans.

This dog knew something was up as soon as he woke up! He started running crazy throughout the house and pestering the cats:





Uh-oh! On Friday night, I bought an impromptu bag of frozen bones. I had a feeling I was going to need it today!

While Bruno conducted his shenanigans, I fueled my tired body and mind with some coffee from our favorite local coffee shop (which my awesome fiance fetched as I fed the dog and such – love him!):


Saturday Breakfast

We popped into our new favorite local diner for breakfast:



Egg white scramble with spinach, bell peppers and mushrooms with tomato slices on the side. Plus my fiance’s buttered crusts from his toast. Yum!

Saturday Lunch/Dinner/Dessert

So here is the deal: the menu I planned did not contain even one ounce of any ingredient that was sugar-free or fat-reduced. What was important to me was the taste of the meal and I was not going to compromise on it for guests I hadn’t seen in five years!

I started the afternoon munching on a whole lotta tortilla chips dipped in either salsa con queso, bean dip, or salsa.

Then for dinner, I started with a salad, but then I had a large plate full of enchiladas that I topped off with a healthy spoonful of full-fat sour cream, Spanish rice, and refried beans. It was super fattening and high caloric, but OhhhhEmmmGeeee – it was delicious. And satisfying, as I felt no need to go back for seconds!

It was dessert where things went wrong though.

You know how I think I’m addicted to sugar? I know this, it’s just hard to take to heart when my belief is to eat “everything in moderation.” But I … inadvertantly? decided to test myself by indulging in the full-fat full-sugar cheesecake I baked.

And so I ate it. A BIG slice generously topped with cherries in glaze and cool whip. The sugar-y graham crust was unbelievable. The cheesecake itself creamy yet fluffy in texture. I think I died of sweet happiness in that moment.

But then the addiction kicked in: the cheesecake created a cycle that I could not jump out of. I tore into these mini-Snickers we had in a drawer, then took out a spoon out of a drawer to attack the rest of the cherries and whipped cream. I was just about to attack some other sweets I had in the house, if it were not for the fact that my stomach started hurting from too much food!

What I learned:

  1. I am not addicted to high caloric foods; I can eat it and be done.
  2. I am absolutely addicted to sugar; once I eat it, I cannot be done.

Post-meal, I did not feel one ounce of guilt. The last time I indulged was a few Fridays ago, and really I was overdue anyway! What I did feel about an hour after eating though, was nauseous, I think, from the rich food my body was not used to. After all, I’ve been eating so cleanly that I’m sure my body was choking all the crap that I suddenly started shoving into it!

It was a good night, but it put things into perspective how far I’ve come. I fell asleep in that night with full intentions on getting back on the healthy wagon – not because of any weight reason, but because it’s what makes my body run at its prime and how I feel best. It’s a great place to be.


Sunday Morning

I woke up feeling really bloated from last night’s dinner! And terribly dehydrated from not drinking enough (too much fun socializing!). In addition, the redness in my face flared up a little, I think, from the sugar.

It was also incredibly hard to wake up. When I finally did, it was like I’d slept for 10,000 hours and I wanted to sleep just one more, but Bruno was not about to be gypped on a workout again!

I finally got up and started my morning with the wonderful coffee my fiance fetched for me.


Spot the cat!

Despite the coffee, I was still not feeling the workout. Along with my mind, my body was soooo tired.


That would be my “fake excitement for a hike” face. 😛


On today’s agenda: hike at Runyon Canyon with the dog!

Some pics of our day:












IMG_1873I tried to take a pic with the Hollywood sign behind me, but my camera didn’t take. 😦






I think Bruno had a good time. What do you think? 😀

And as always, it may be so hard for me to get going on a workout, but I’m so glad I went. After all:



Post-workout, we were starving! We decided to hit up another one of our favorite breakfast places: Du-Pars.


Me waiting for my fiance to grab our take out.


Veggie egg-omelette with sliced tomatoes on the side plus my fiance’s generously buttered crusts off his white toast. I also had a cup of decaf over ice, because this sunny day called for it! 😀


After breakfast and a shower, I was wiped! I plopped on the couch, passed out for an hour, then woke up feeling like a hundred bucks and ready for my next meal:



I had the strangest craving for a cheap, diner-style New York steak! I paired the steak up with come steamed carrots, green beans and a dinner roll. Yuuuuummyyyy.

I followed the meal up with frozen grapes, a seemingly important tradition around here to solidify my detachment from sugar.

Well, I’m off to catch up on some blogs before it’s light out for me. See ya tomorrow!


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