TGIF, Yes!

TGIF, friends!

Morning Mentions

I woke up before 5 am today ready to roll. Holy mama did I gain some extra time! I wish I could voluntarily wake up this early every morning; I was done with the bulk of my work by 7:45 a.m. Awesome.

And of course, it was helped very much by this:


Spot the cat!


On today’s fitness agenda: modified version of Couch to 5k Week 3

C25k W3.5 - Mod 2

Once again, we finished the program so quick that we were still about a mile away from home. I’m not sure how we can run a minute or two more than last week but have the program cover less ground? On the way home, I decided to use a different route and Bruno was ecstatic. He sniffed up a storm!


Anyway, it was a good workout followed by some reeeeally good stretches. Speaking of stretches, upon a small push, my left heel can actually touch the floor during down dog! Right heel? Not so much. I’m hoping to get the both down by the end of this year. I wonder if I can do it?




This morning, I tried the Two Ingredient Pancake again, this time topped with sweetened Greek yogurt and sliced bananas. As much as I love peanut butter, it was definitely better with Greek yogurt! (And maybe whipped cream? Mmmm.)




Shredded chicken thigh over salad and topped with salsa … again. And for the last time, as this was the last of it.


After a full day of cleaning and prepping food for company tomorrow, the last thing I wanted to do was cook dinner. I was craving some sort of fish and luckily there was a restaurant around the corner that offered it and was willing to deliver:


Cajun grilled salmon and a side salad. It came with garlic bread (which I handed off to my man) and I supplied the steamed green beans and cauliflower rice (spiced with onion powder, paprika and soy sauce). Not only did I satisfy my craving for fish, but I got to finish out my prepped veggies too. Win!



Just as an fyi, I probably won’t be posting tomorrow because I will be too darn busy cleaning, cooking, socializing, laughing, giggling, hugging, eating, and then cleaning some more before I collapse into bed.

I hope you had a GREAT Friday (Because how can Friday’s be not great? Unless you work on Saturday. Then I can understand how Fridays are just ‘meh’) and I wish you an awesome Caturday.

See ya on Sunday!


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