Another Thursday, Another Furry Day

TGIFE = Thank Goodness It’s Friday Eve :mrgreen:

Morning Mentions

It was SO hard to get up at my new time – which is even 15 minutes earlier than my “new” awake time. Of course, it was totally my fault – I was so tired last night but I couldn’t sleep because Dodgers went into extra innings! By the time they won the game at midnight (12 innings), I was feeling electrified by the whole experience and spent way too much time watching the post-game show and re-watching recaps. Even after the tv was shut off, I was buzzing from the excitement that it took me FOREVER to shut myself down – which didn’t occur until around 1 am maybe. End result: I was not a happy camper at six a.m. But I got up anyway.

Crazy part? I was actually the last one in the house to get out of bed this morning – this NEVER happens!

Usually it’s Zack (the grey and white cat) or Bruno who is last to get up around here, but for some reason, I woke up today with no cat next to me and Bruno was already up and ready to rock. Sometimes this happens with Zack, but it was very unlike the dog, especially since he didn’t “go to bed” until after midnight as well. Typically he is a very reluctant early riser, and not bribeable when it comes to going outside for a quick morning loo. In fact, we usually have to force him to go, and when he’s done, he races back into the house and dives into the bed inside his crate, which he doesn’t lay in unless he has big plans to sleep (versus napping).  But not THIS morning. He shot out of his crate when it came time to go outside, then came back in and chomped on one of his toys. Loudly.

i felt like a slacker.

Good thing my coffee machine was on automatic this morning:

After sleeping for four-ish hours, I needed it badly! (Spot the cats)


My coffee time was spent standing around while the dog ran circles around me. He also received at least three paw swipes by the boy cat by 7 am. A busy morning, indeed, for this dog.


Where in the world did my mischievous beast get his energy today?

On the agenda today: active rest day with a 40 minute walk.


Lucky for me, our little workout sorta tired him out. Peace, at last! At least for about ten minutes. After that, he was back to running crazy again. *sigh*

By the way, I succeeded in locking Bruno out of my office today while I stretched. Upside: I could finally stretch to my liking! Downside: Bruno was bugging the cats, so there was a lot of screeching and rawr’ing and sounds of Bruno running away as a cat angrily chased him around the house – all sounds I could hear through the closed door, causing worry. *double sigh*



A cold bowl of vanilla cinnamon banana overnight oats with almond milk. So refreshingly good! My only complaint is that I tend to finish it too quickly. Or maybe my bowl is too small? heh


Right before lunch was crazy busy. Along with some work, I had some errands to do and an entire house to clean.

By the time one o’clock rolled around, I needed lunch quick:



Salad with shredded roasted chicken thigh (some breast in there too) and topped with salsa and a healthy amount of Cholula. So good! (Tomorrow’s lunch will be the last of the roast chicken)


After a whole lotta more work, I started eyeing the clock for dinner. I don’t usually do this, but I think all the moving around I did all day made me hungrier faster.

This evening I had the house to myself, so no pressure to cook.



Since my steak from last night was huge, I’d immediately saved half of it for tonight. I’m so glad I didn’t eat the entire thing last night, because I swear it tasted better today! I served it up with steamed green beans and cauliflower rice spiced with onion powder, garlic powder, S&P, and a few drops of soy sauce. Very, very satisfying.

I followed dinner up with frozen grapes of course. 😀

Today was one of those days that could have been disastrous: good decisions never come out of busy days! I’m so relieved that I had all this food prepped and saved beforehand so I don’t have to decide what to eat. Different things work for different people, but I’m just so grateful that I found what works for me.

Scenes From Today

I got photobombed by my pets today:


Pic #1: Photobomb of Bruno’s nose. Naughty boy!

Pic #2: Photobomb of Mya in the background walking about.

Post workout, I caught this action:


My three furbabies having a nap party! Of course not too long after, Bruno had to ruin everything by rushing over to the cats and try to lick their faces. You can only guess how that went. He may never learn.

Well, that’s it for today. Sorry it was short and dry, I am just soooo exhausted and my bed is calling my name! I hope you had a fabulous Friday eve (and if you didn’t, hold on! there’s just one more day 😀 ). See ya tomorrow!


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