Tuesday Shenanigans

Woohoos for Tuesday!


Would you believe it – I woke up at my new time again this morning. I’m doing okay on this little goal so far, but I hope I don’t jinx myself for saying so!

I started my morning off with my required cup of coffee:


Spot the cat!

Some doggy shenanigans also happened this morning:


He was a sleepy puppy this morning. I think he wanted to skip the workout!

Well Bruno, it’s a good thing I had only a casual 40 minute walk on the fitness agenda. (Thank dog for an active rest day because all my muscles hurt from yesterday’s deathly ST session. Owww!)


The walk was good: I got to get blood flowing through the sore muscles and Bruno got to sniff. A lot. 🙂

Post-workout, some more doggy silliness ensued:



Now, where exactly am I supposed to stretch?! Obviously, the dog was clued in as to what I do every day after a workout and he wanted in. Except, his post-workout routine included a nap. On my yoga mat. Siiiiigh.

(FYI, because I am crazy, rather than moving Bruno, I stretched around him. Spoiled much?)


I decided to try something new and different today for brekkie: Two Ingredient Pancake.


Originally, the ingredients were supposed to be just a banana and two eggs. I have this terrible relationship with eggs though, so I sub’d it with 1/2 cup of egg substitute instead, added a generous drop of vanilla to the “batter,” and then topped the finish product with 1 1/2 tbsp of peanut butter.

Verdict? It was more like a banana frittata (open-faced omelette), which may sound weird, but it wasn’t bad. The biggest win, though, was the pb. I forgot how much I love the stuff, I swear I could eat an ENTIRE JAR in one sitting. Oi.

So about the pancake, I will make it again, but with a change or two here that I haven’t decided on just yet.


A quickie:


Yesterday’s leftover carne asada and salsa on top of one of my previously prepped box salads (with a few jalapenos in there). Easy, delish and filling.

Thankfully after today’s lunch we will be out of leftovers, so I won’t be eating carne asada leftovers for the next 10,000 days (as I did with the carnitas). Whew!


We originally planned on attending a birthday dinner at a restaurant this evening, but at the time 3 o’clock hit, it suddenly felt like a ton of bricks upon us. We were exhausted!

Normally if we say we are going to be somewhere, we do our very best to stay true to our word. We felt terrible backing out at the last minute; it just felt like we didn’t have the energy to drive two hours with traffic to a place and then drive over an hour back home.

Which means I was left scrambling at the last minute to make dinner:

Roasted chicken breast topped with salsa (in case you were wondering, I buy salsa by the gallon!), with a side of steamed beans and cauliflower “rice” that I spiced with turmeric, onion powder, garlic powder, and S&P. Good thing I had all that food in the fridge prepped and ready to go! (For the most part, anyway 🙂 )

Following my dinner will be frozen grapes, of course. 😉

Hope your weeks is going fabulous so far. See you tomorrow for Weigh-In Wednesday!


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