Sleepy Sunday

Happy Sunday! (Or, as some would say, Bunday for bunnies. Ha!)


We fully intended on waking up at 6:45 this morning, but ended up sleeping in until about 7:15 am. It was all because I decided to drink a Diet Coke right at noon yesterday – I knew I was sensitive to caffeine, but not that sensitive so that it would keep me up until almost midnight last night!


I vaguely remembered being dead asleep after punching the snooze button and my fiance asking me if I still wanted to do Runyon Canyon this morning. “Mmmph, sure,” I said, and then rolled over. Ha.

So we ended getting out of bed and ready to hike. It was a little later than we like to workout, but it was either that or the dog would end up bat-crazy for the day; we chose to hike! 😉


I started off the morning with a cup of flavored drip (Vanilla Nut – yum) from our favorite coffee shop. I dropped some soy creamer and downed the good stuff. Spot the cat!

In the car we split a granola bar for some pre-workout carbs. (Recycled photo)

Today’s weather was a bit on the cool side – lower 70s, but it got a little humid so I ended up dripping wet with sweat! Bruno was quick with the panting too, though it didn’t stop him from playing with other dogs. 🙂

Some scenes from today’s hike:





I admit, I didn’t feel like working out when I woke up this morning, but I’m so glad we went!



Post-hike, I was starving! It felt like I couldn’t get food fast enough even if it landed on my lap right at that moment.


Veggie egg white omelette with sliced tomatoes on the side instead of potatoes. I also munched on my fiance’s deliciously buttered crusts from his white toast. Win. 😀


We were completely bushed when we got home. After my shower, I could barely keep my eyes open while relaxing on the couch – I ended taking a THREE HOUR nap. Holy moly!


And I wasn’t alone in this – Bruno was legitimately de-bat-crazified as well. Mission accomplished 😉

About a few minutes into the 5 o’clock Dodger game, we decided we were hungry. After a few days of eating out again, we weren’t exactly excited about ordering in. Luckily for us, we had just enough leftovers in the fridge to make up a meal. Hooray!


For my meal, I scooped the last of the carnitas on top of one of my prepped salads and dumped a whole lotta salsa and Cholula on top for a satisfying meal.

I followed it up with – what else! – frozen grapes, but this time, two servings because my calorie count was a little low.

By the way, I was this close to taking a bite out of my fiance’s apple fritter this evening – yes like the doughnut! The thought “Just one bite wouldn’t hurt” crossed my mind, but somehow I was able to remember exactly what “one bite” would do to me – which is spin me out into another vicious sugar cycle. I can’t say it was easy, but I’m so glad I was able to overcome it! So proud of myself. 😀

I hope you had a great weekend and Sunday. See ya tomorrow. 🙂


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