Busy Weekend, Recovering From Overeats

Hello and Happy CATurday!

I didn’t post yesterday because it’s been CRAY-zy around here. From the time I woke up yesterday until I went to bed last night, it was go-go-go! Then today we happily entertained unexpected visitors. But it’s evening now, I’m kicking back on the couch and ready to update on my latest ventures on healthy (and, um, kind of unhealthy too) living. ūüėÄ

Thursday Night’s Dinner

I had the luxury of having the house, television, cats and dog to myself, so the pressure was off to cook.

Because my fridge is BURSTING with leftovers, I repeated Wednesday night’s brisket dinner: brisket, Yukon baby gold potatoes, carrots, green beans and cauliflower rice. Would you believe that my entire dinner was a mere 408 calories? WIN!

Dinner was followed by a cup of frozen grapes, which, by the way, is seemingly like a nighttime tradition around here. I think my body knows it too, because I started craving grapes like crazy while I washed the dishes. So glad I am finally craving fruit and not candy!

P.S. Dodgers won, yeah!


Friday Fitness

I am so proud of myself: I woke up at my new, earlier time again for the third day in a row. YES!!!

Downside? I had a super rotten night of sleeping (or the lack thereof), so this was a necessity to jumpstart my day:


Coffee, my a.m. bff.  (recycled photo)

After I got the caffeine flowing through my veins, Bruno and I completed this for the very last time:

C25k: modified Week 3

The session was followed by a relaxing stretching session, which felt totally delicious.

Physically, I am SO ready to up my game, but mentally I am feeling lazy. The 90 second runs are feeling too short these days, but my mind prefers the easiness of that than running three minutes every time, even though three minutes flies by in a flash. I think my problem is that I’ve done this program so many times that I know what’s coming up – like the 20 minute run – and my mind freezes at that thought. I know what I need to do though, which is to just focus on the present.

As for Bruno, he will be in for a little surprise, as he loves walking breaks.¬†Ready or not, Bruno, we’re moving on. Hope you can keep up!

Happy to be done for the week!

Friday Breakfast

As for what to make today, I decided that the strawberries and yogurt was so refreshingly different that I had to have it again:


Scrambled egg substitute, a slice of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast, and sweetened Greek yogurt (with a drop of vanilla extract) topped with strawberries. MY NEW FAVE BREKKIE!

Friday Lunch

After breakfast, I was going crazy working, cleaning the house, completing my chores, and getting ready for company later, so I didn’t have much time to put my lunch together. (Thank dog for all those boxes of salads I prepped!)

And because I still had a TON of carnitas leftovers, I topped my salad with it along with a few scoops of salsa:


It’s a good thing I *love* these carnitas, because I may not otherwise be so easygoing in the second-day-of-the-same-leftovers department, ha. But I am making good headway with all the leftovers! (I don’t know about you, but I¬†hate wasting food.)

Friday Dinner

Soooooo the good news for me was that we were going to another Dodger game.

Bad news? There are disastrous eats at the restaurant (Phillipe’s Original) we went to before the game.

Since my plans last time worked so well, I truly in my heart had every intention of repeating the grand plan. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to eat a lot more when dining with other people and … my plan got thwarted!

That would be the beef dip sandwich I ate (recycled photo). I planned on eating only half the sandwich plus the salad I brought, but … I was really happy that my fiance’s brother was with us, the beef was actually laced with delicious fat, the place was BUZZING with Dodger energy and … the entire sandwich landed in my tummy. And of course I chased it down with my veggies because eating is just so fun with other people around…

(Recycled photo)

Post sandwich and salad, I really wanted to chase after the moist brownies they offer, but thank dog we had to leave! Game time saved me from a potential disaster.

Game Time

So here’s the deal: I was bored because the Dodgers were down 6-0. I started looking around and everywhere I looked, people were eating juicy burgers, french fries, nachos, churros, ice cream, caramel corn, hot dogs… ¬†You name it! The scents of all the beautiful food made my brain absolutely crazy, and I suddenly developed a strong craving for peanuts.

I finally couldn’t take it anymore – when the peanut guy arrived, I was on top of my fiance to get.those.peanuts.to.me.now.


That isn’t the exact bag of peanuts that I munched on, but close. They were salty, crunchy and kept me busy as I waited patiently for the Dodgers to rally back.

By the way, out of the 7 ounces of peanuts in the bag, my fiance ate … 1 oz maybe? … and I ate the rest, which amounts to… 960 CALORIES.

I topped the salty goodness with an apple. And a few bites of my fiance’s churros.


After entering all my food into the tracker, my total ended up being 2,346 calories for the day. Yikes!

But, hey – the Dodgers came back to win it for a walk off! And when an entire stadium is screaming in bliss and happiness, that sure takes the sting out of eating 1000+ calories more than one intended. Oh well!


P.S. Check out my new Hello Kitty Dodger hat! ūüėČ


No exercise today – not only was I mentally tired from getting to bed late last night, my body was absolutely and completely physically exhausted from this week’s workouts. It almost hurt to even walk!

(Thankfully, after an active evening in the kennel, Bruno was more than happy to lay around)


We had our first morning meal at one of our favorite diners: Pepy’s Galley. Egg white spinach, bell pepper and mushroom omelette with tomatoes slices instead of hashed browns, and unbuttered wheat toast (which I didn’t eat and saved for my dog instead).


After breakfast, we received a surprise visit from my fiance’s brother and his wife. It’s been so long that I’ve had family around, I’ve forgotten how amazing it is to be with people who love you and adore you for who you are! Even better: my sister in law is pregnant with TWINS. I cannot even begin to contain my excitement, you would have thought I was the one with twins, ha.

Good news about company: I was too busy to think about snacking. WIN!

For lunch/dinner, we decided to hit up one of our favorite local restaurants, 26 Beach:

2013-08-10 16.40.43

2013-08-10 16.51.28

Small salad with sesame soy dressing, grilled teriyaki salmon, and sauteed veggies. DELICIOUS!

Hours later, I followed it up with frozen grapes.

That’s it for my day. I have a few more minutes of relaxation before it’ll be lights-out for me.

I hope you had a great Caturday. See ya tomorrow!



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