Relaxing Thursday

Oooh it’s Thursday. One more day til zeh weekend. Whoop!

Last Night’s Dinner

Early yesterday morning, I put a marinated brisket, a bunch of carrots, baby Yukon potatoes, and a can of beef broth in the slow cooker and let it do it’s thang for nine hours.


Brisket dinner – woohoo! I added some steamed green beans and cauliflower rice (spiced with onion and garlic powders, salt and pepper) to my plate. Comfort food at its best.

I followed up my brisket dinner with a serving of tasty frozen grapes.

P.S. Dodgers won 13-4, yeah!


I woke up this morning really sore and muscles tighter than a rubber band. 😦

On the bright side, I did get up at my new earlier time and got a ton of things done – win!

Bruno, however, was not up for today at all. Good thing I scheduled an “active rest day” today. 🙂

But first:

Never leave home without it. Spot the cat!

Here I am convincing the dog for a workout today (what on earth was he doing last night to be so groggy this morning? 😉 )

On our fitness agenda: casual 40 minute walk around the neighborhood:


Done-zo 😀

The walk felt AMAZING on my tight muscles, especially the hammies. People, if you ever experience sore muscles, I totally recommend a casual walk!

I topped the walk off with some good stretching. Aaaaaaahhhhh, so good.


With those delicious strawberries sitting patiently in the fridge, my mind’s been working overtime on overhauling my brekkie. This is what I came up with for today:

Scrambled egg substitute, a slice of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin roast, and a cup of sweetened Greek yogurt topped with strawberries.

Truth be told, I was not a yogurt + fruit person … until today! This was so refreshingly different from anything I’ve had in the last year for brekkie that I’m starting to get ideas about making my own granola to top it off next time.  Mmmm.


Because I have a TON of leftover carnitas (understatement of the year!), I repeated my lunch from yesterday:

Spinach salad (from the boxes of salads I prepped on Tuesday), topped with carnitas and salsa. Big-lunch taste for respectable calories. 😛

Nothing much going on this evening except for the exciting conclusion of the Dodgers-Cardinals series – goooo blue! – and the World Series Little League on ESPN after.

Hope you had a fabulous Thursday, see ya tomorrow!


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