Wednesday Weigh-In and Progress Notes

Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday Weigh-In

Starting Weight: 119.4 lbs

Last Week’s Weigh-In: 117.9 lbs (-1.5)

Today’s Weigh-In:


Sooooo it looks like 2.2 lb loss from last week, but I am 110% convinced that it’s just more water loss and etc. After all, I’m still only at Week Two AND I am only 5’0 tall, which makes it almost physically impossible for me to lose anything more than one pound. (Oh the woes of being a shorty)

A loss is a loss though, so I will take it. From here on out, it will require hard work to get those six plus pounds off, but … I’m still happy that I’m a total of 3.5 pounds total, whatever my body might be ridding of if not fat. 🙂

What’s working:

  • Stretching Daily: It took me forever to get into this habit and it’s finally paying off. I’m getting more flexible! Two in particular I’m making headway on: 1) My heels are getting closer to the floor while executing the Down-Dog pose and 2) My toes are that close to the floor in the Plow pose.
  • Drinking a TON of water: I mentioned this last week but thought I’d mention it again. My body feels so much more flushed, my abdomen less bloated, and my skin feels healthier. Such a great compliment to my current sugar-free living and my recent extreme spike in sodium intake (Sunday night’s pho!).
  • Running with my dog: Reading my blogs reminds me exactly how often I feel unmotivated to work out! Thank you to my furry buddy who leaves me no choice but to work out or so fear the wrath of a bat-crazy dog tearing the house apart.
  • Documenting my food: It’s the best method I’ve found so far (for me) to really think about what I’m about to eat.

I need to work on:

  • Getting to bed earlier, waking earlier
  • Varying my meals
  • Managing my time better
  • My non-existent strength training routine

Overall, I think I am doing well between food and workouts. I just really need to work on my weekend eats so that I eat before I’m starving, not eat because I’m starving.

Last Night’s Dinner


Carnitas! With a side of green beans and cauliflower Spanish Rice. Not pictured are the several shakes of Cholula bottle onto my meat. YUMMMMMMYYYY!

Just in case you are curious, this is how I put together the Cauliflower Spanish Rice:


  • 200g Cauliflower, riced through a food processor
  • 1/2 cup Salsa
  • Garlic powder
  • Onion powder
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  1. Combine cauliflower and salsa. Shake garlic powder and onion powder generously into the mixture in a small microwave-safe bowl. Add salt and pepper. Mix well.
  2. Cover bowl and microwave for 3 minutes.
  3. Taste “rice” again and adjust seasonings as desired. Enjoy!

Serves 1

Some scenes from last night:


That pic would be Bruno eyeing my fiance’s every bite. We have never ever fed him food from the table, I have no idea where he would learn that from!


Dinner was promptly followed up with some post-dinner wrestling with a game of “hot paws” (think: hot hands, but paws 😉 )


AT LAST!!! I finally woke up 30 minutes early as I wished. It is fantastic exactly how much extra stuff one can get done in one extra half hour!

But first: credit where credit is due. Thank you, coffee.


Spot the cat!

On today’s fitness agenda:

C25k: modified Week 3
We have just one more session of this (Friday) before we move on to another modified version of Week 3 (I call it 3.5). Boy will Bruno be in for a real surprise on Monday!

Here’s Bruno taking in his post-workout ice cubes:



And speaking of Bruno, guess who totally and completely laid in my post-workout stretching space?


Now, how exactly am I supposed to lay down my yoga mat? Luckily, as I stepped out of the room to get a drink, Bruno leapt up to follow me, and there you go – I got my space back. Silly dog! 🙂

So you know how I’ve been whining about my non-existent strength training that is still non-existent? I actually popped two sets of dumbbell deadlifts and one set of 15 (sloppy) pushups right before my post-workout stretches. Okay, so that itty bitty probably wouldn’t be counted as an actual session, but my arms are reeeeally sore now, so that sort of counts for something right? 😉



While grocery shopping yesterday, I spotted some bright red strawberries and could not resist grabbing and tossing them into my basket. As a result, it made it into my breakfast this morning:


I whipped up some Ezekiel Bread French Toast, and then topped it with Greek yogurt (yogurt + sweetener + dash vanilla extract + dash almond extract) and sliced strawberries.

Final creation:


A refreshing change of breakfast that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Now to think of what other breakfasts i can make this week with my strawberries!


Lunch today was put together in a rush. I ate it right out of the container:


A box of salad from yesterday’s prepping, plus last night’s carnitas and topped with salsa. Easy but filling.

Other Scenes From Today

Yesterday’s effort of slow cooking chicken bones in water overnight resulted in this:


Delicious chicken broth. Two minutes of straining, half day in the fridge, ten seconds of straining fat, five minutes of ladling into containers, then stored in the freezer for future use. 🙂

I resurrected the three dumb bells I own:


I bought these last year from my neighbor who used to own a fitness center for like three bucks. What a deal, right!

After a terrible 2012, my peach tree is bearing fruit:


I just need to trim some leaves to help it to finish ripening. I can’t wait for them to be ready!

After … smelling my dog food a good month and a half, we decided that today was THE day for a bath:


Despite his “smiles,” Bruno was NOT happy to be there. Fortunately, we go to this awesome place that passes out treats freely and even offers customers free spritzes of doggy cologne! CK One Dog best suits Bruno, and so that’s what we spritzed on him for some handsome fun.

Here he is happy and clean:


Followed by a post-bath nap:


It was a good day. 🙂

Nothing else on my agenda today except for the Dodger game (pleeeease wiiiiiin) and to be in bed before 10 pm tonight so that I can wake up early again. I can feel it, it’s gonna happen!

Hope your Hump Day was great! See ya tomorrow. 🙂


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