Food Prep Day

Hellooooo and Happy Tuesday!

Man oh man today was a busy one. It’s evening right now and I haven’t had a chance to sit and relax at all this morning – it’s been go go go from the time I woke up!

Last Night’s Dinner

For dinner, I decided to resurrect an item deep in my cupboard:

Nooch! In case you’ve never heard of nutritional yeast, it’s a yellow powder that tastes a lot like cheese. A lot of people love to sprinkle it onto popcorn to make it cheesy-tasting; I prefer to mix it with Greek yogurt to make a cheesy sauce to make something like this:


Chicken and broccoli topped with what I like to call “Cheese Sauce Without the Cheese.” 😀 It’s basically nooch and Greek Yogurt, as I already mentioned, plus a few shakes of garlic powder, onion powder, and ground pepper. Stir well, then combine with cooked chicken and steamed broccoli … then viola!

Nooch was one of my staple ingredients I used when I weaned myself off of cheese and other dairy (I’m a bit allergic). Not only is it a delicious-tasting ingredient, but according to Wikipedia: “It is a source of protein and vitamins, especially the B-complex vitamins, and is a complete protein. It is also naturally low in fat and sodium and is free of sugardairy, and gluten. Sometimes nutritional yeast is fortified with vitamin B12.”

My tastebuds seemed to be off at dinner, I think, from Sunday night’s pho dinner, so I topped it off with an extra condiment:


Rooster sauce! Or more commonly known as Sriracha sauce. Sweet + Salty + Spicy = PERFECT.

I followed it up with some frozen grapes and called it a night.


Last night, I went to bed a little early with full intention of waking up 30 minutes earlier. The zzz’s were going all good until 3 am – some noise caused me to wake up and stir, which caused my cat next to me to wake up and move around, which caused my fiance to wake up to a full start, which woke up the other cat and then finally the dog. All said and done, our entirely farmily was up and walking around at 3 am – fun! Needless to say, by the time my alarm buzzed, I was not at all interested in waking up, no matter how many snoozes I had to punch through.

And so today became Day #2 that I woke up 30 minutes late.


Will tomorrow finally be the day I wake up on time?

When I finally leapt out of bed, I made a beeline for the coffee machine:

2013-08-06 Coffee

Spot the cats!

Not soon afterward, I got started with breakfast:

2013-08-06 Breakfast

Vans waffles with Cinnamon Apple Greek Yogurt topping. Delicious!


After doing some work, Bruno started bugging me for a walk.

On the agenda: 40 min power walk

Since we left the house later today, the sun was up and shining and the temperature was warm and temperate. By the end of our walk, I was a sweaty mess and Bruno was panting and ready for his post-workout ice cubes.

It was a good workout. 🙂

But the best part? This:

2013-08-06 Mya

Discovering Mya waiting for us in the foyer when me came home. Precious! 🙂

Food Prep Day

Part of the craziness today was my scheduled trip to Costco. Is there ever a time when that place isn’t nuts?!

Today’s haul:

2013-08-06 Costco

By the way, there’s a few more things that aren’t included in the pic – like the FIVE rotisserie chickens that I stripped down and separated into daily containers for my super duper spoiled dog (and one chicken for my future meals), cartons of eggs, yogurt, etc. (Costco trips should be considered a workout, I swear)

Anyway! After prepping my dear dog’s meal and my future chicken meals, I turned a bunch of those veggies to this:

Eight boxes filled with spinach, bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and raisins. For meals, all I’d have to do is add a protein, drizzle dressing, shake and EAT. So easy and mobile.

I also did this:

French green beans that are washed and cut so that all I’d have to do is grab, microwave to cook and then eat.


Cauliflower “rice” – one of my favorites! It was easy – just dump into a food processor and process into “rice” bits. For meal prep, just put it into a container, cover and then microwave. Awesome.

And lastly:

2013-08-06 chicken broth

After stripping all the meat off the chicken, I saved the bones and tossed them into my slower cooker. I set it on low for 12 hours to cook overnight so that in the morning – voila! Chicken broth. Bonus! (Since I stripped five chickens I’ll be making two batches)

And now, my fridge is BURSTING with healthy foods:

This is going to be a week of eating nothing but healthy foods! There will be ZERO excuses from here on out. 🙂

Some make-ahead recipes I want to try in the near future:

  • Chicken chili
  • Slow cooker turkey breast with gravy
  • Sesame honey chicken
  • Sloppy Joe
  • Slow cooker chicken cacciatore

After a long and busy day, I’m so off to bed. After a day like today, I’m so ready for Hump Day!

Hope your day was great. 🙂 See ya tomorrow!


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