Thank You, DayQuil

Aaaaand it’s Monday.

I woke up this morning feeling like a cupcake dumped on the floor and stomped on. You know how I thought that I finally figured out that the exhaustion I went through last week was because I was fighting something off? That notion was confirmed today – I had the full-blown runny nose, coughs and aching muscles. Today was not the day I liked to be proven right! 😦

Today represented one downside to be self-employed: the non-existent sick and vacation policies. Today would have been a prime day to take off, but business must go on and there’s no one to replace me, so … there you go. At least I work from home though, there’s lots of flexibility in that when you’re sick! (Liiiiike working in your pj’s – win)

Yesterday’s Lunch

If you’ve been reading my blog, right now you’re probably thinking, “Salad, again?!” Truth be told, I’m sick of restaurant salad too, but when you have a man in the house who is feeling under the weather along with the chef (that would be me), delivery sounds entirely too inviting. While ordering lunch, I thought that by going with a different restaurant it would be some consolation to the salad thing – but nope! It turns out that when you order one grilled chicken salad, you’ve basically have had all the grilled chicken salads within the ten mile radius. (I did, however, receive some bonus avocado slices under all that chicken) And anyway, despite my current feelings about chicken salads, I did find my lunch delicious and filed another entry into the clean plate club. 😀

Yesterday’s Dinner

Pho! We actually found a place that delivered pho to our house. We had an inkling that they thought our house was closer than it actually was to their restaurant, so this may be the last time they’d be willing to deliver to us – so sad about that. I ordered a vegetable pho and stuffed a ton of bean sprouts into the bowl. I also drizzled fish sauce for taste, squeezed some Sriracha for some heat, and nibbled on one har gow – shrimp dumpling dim sum. YUM!


Soooo that pho last night? Baaad idea.

It was so delicious and its ingredients were filling, but the sodium content made me blow up like a puffer fish when I woke up. Plus, I gained FOUR pounds in water weight alone!

I totally and completely forgot that since drastically lowering my sodium levels a few years ago, just the tiniest now will make my body hold on to water like a cactus on a drizzly day. There are so many other great, healthy things on their menu, I will have to remember to skip the pho next time – no matter how good it sounds. 😉

So anyway, this morning! I accidentally woke up 30 minutes past my normal wake-up time, which all ended up being one hour later than the time I wanted to start getting up at. It might have something to do with how I’m feeling, so I’ll just have to try getting up earlier tomorrow.

Sleeping in did not preclude me from my morning ritual though:

Caramel flavored coffee with soy creamer. This was a morning where coffee was not an option! 😀

Since the little sleep-in snafu screwed up my schedule (along with moping around the house brainlessly), I ate breakfast before working out.


Overnight oats with cinnamon and apple. REALLY glad I thought to prep this last night, I really needed a quick brekkie this a.m.!


Ugggggggh, today would have been the PERFECT excuse to skip out on the workout, except for this one thing: my dog was feeling particularly energetic. And so, I got dressed and off we went.

But not before stuffing myself with this:


Oh, DayQuil. We have such a tumultuous relationship, those little orange pills and I. On one hand, it’s helped me in more than a handful of occasions to get through the day, but the payoff is always so that my head is in the clouds. But heck! Desperate times calls for desperate measures, and tiring out the dog is definitely one of those desperate times. 😀

Today’s workout:

C25k: modified Week 3

Oomph, were we hot and tired at the end! I’m so glad we stuck to repeating last week’s workout, because Bruno went at this a little slower than last week. A couple more days of this, though, then I think we will be ready to do another C25k W3 mod. (I’m thinking of 5 intervals of 3 min runs and 2 min walks)

Post-C25k, I was supposed to do an ST session with my Nike phone app, but my body was EXHAUSTED. Weird thing about it? While my body wanted to give up, caffeine and DayQuil ran through my veins, keeping my mind awake. I felt like a living breathing oxymoron! :p


Today’s lunch was a quickie:


Spinach topped with ground pepper, chopped hard boiled eggs and a few drizzles of balsamic vinegar. I’ve never been so glad to eat my own salads again! (Soooo tired of romaine and iceberg lettuces)

Nothing on my agenda for this afternoon and evening except for watching the Dodger game (@ the mighty St. Louis ) and resting big time. If I’m feeling dangerous, I might even take a nap! Muaaahaahaa..zzzzzz

Hope you’re having a good (better?) Monday. See ya tomorrow!


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