5 Great Things About Going Sugar-Free (so far)

Happy Sunday!

I finally, finally finally felt well-rested when I woke up today – and I think I now know why.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my fiance announced yesterday that he wasn’t feel well. We’ve been taking it easy since, but it wasn’t until this afternoon that I noticed that today was my fifth day of sniffling. I hadn’t paid much mind because I kept thinking that I’ve been too tired at night to remember to take my allergy meds. Wait. How long have I felt this exhausted? And when did the sniffling start? What if … I was the one who’s been sick, and I’m the reason why he doesn’t feel well today?

Ha. So problem solved – the exhaustion had nothing to do with stress and increase workout intensity. Glad that my body’s been strong enough to fight this, that it should be over by tomorrow, and I no longer need to be so careful to not “catch” thsi bug floating around my house. Hooray!

5 Sugar-Free Benefits I’m Living

I ate my last piece of sugar sweet EIGHTEEN DAYS AGO. What that means is, I have not consumed sugar in 432 hours, 25920 minutes, or 1555200 seconds. If you saw me the evening before I started went cold turkey where I ate TWO desserts (after eating tons of cookies, pies, cakes, Twinkies for many days/weeks in a row), you would surely be impressed. 😉

There is no denying that I am feeling much better – not just physically but mentally as well. Sometimes though, when I’m feeling great and confident of my little achievements – that’s when I break. I start to think that one little piece of candy or slice of cake wouldn’t hurt me, so I do eat it, and that’s when I fall off the wagon.

To help me be successful in my “No Sugary Sweets” goal, I put together the following list to remind myself of the benefits of a sugar-free life. I might even print them out in a note-card for me to carry and reading during weak moments.

  1. FREEDOM! As in, the actual physical cravings are gone and so I am no longer obsessing on it 24:7. It might sound silly, but there is just so much more room in my head now to think of other things.
  2. Better skin. I’ve tried countless of products (including ones prescribed from a dermatologist) over the years to tone down the redness of my skin due to rosacea. When I quit sugar, I noticed a difference after only 3-5 days, and it’s improved further as the days pass. Who knew that the answer to my skin issues wasn’t about which chemical to put on my face; it was what not to consume!
  3. Manageable hunger. Prior to going sugar-free, I never felt … full. Left with the choice, the amount of food I could eat would truly rival a linebacker! It was embarrassing to eat with other people because I so often receive comments about how much I can put away despite being 5 feet tall. Since going sugar-free, I am so shocked that I can actually eat a salad with protein and feel full until the next mealtime. Finally, I am able to eat the proper amount for someone my height and weight with post-meal satisfaction.
  4. Everything tastes sweeter. A month ago, I bought two packages of grapes from Costco and split them into several containers that I stuck in the freezer. A week later, I started eating them for dessert, only to become disappointed at its lack of sweetness. Now that I am on Day 18 of going sugar free, I eat those grapes and am surprised at how sweet they actually taste; if I hadn’t packed it myself, I would have sworn the grapes were from a different batch. My sensitivity for sweet is so much more so now that I can taste the twinge of sweetness in almost everything I eat. It’s a joy, really!
  5. Fruit cravings again. I used to reach for those salty sweet Reese’s Peanut Butter cups when a sweet craving hit. While going sugar free, I’ve since replaced candy with fruit, which is wonderful because I can eat about two cups of grapes for around the same calories as those two pb cups! Now that the sugar is out of my system, I noticed that when I do crave sweets now, I picture things like juicy cantaloupes and watermelon again, The best thing about this adjustment? I can eat the fruit and feel satisfied, whereas when I ate candy, cookies, pies, cakes, etc., it never felt “enough” and before I could finish the first dessert, I was already thinking and aiming for the second helping.

Confession: I’m still not completely sold on going sugar-free for the rest of my life, but it could be my denial about my addiction speaking. Instead of making any rash decisions or opinions about this topic, I will continue on with my goal of going sugar-free for the month of August and reevaluate after.

Last Night’s Lunch/Dinner

Yesterday, I made one massive improvement over last weekend: I made sure I got my food plans together BEFORE I starved.

We felt like being hermits last night, so we ordered in again. (((feeling spoiled)))


That, my friends, is a massive house salad with grilled chicken. Instead of their high-calorie honey mustard dressing (which I wanted so badly!), I instead opted for a few drizzles of balsamic vinegar.

Everything was tasting alright and well … until my nose caught wind of my fiance’s french fries. OHEMGEE THEY SMELLED AMAZING! And so I caved again, this time eating more than yesterday’s share. It was a good thing I switched out the dressing, because with the calories I “saved,” because that splurge put me right back where I started. *Whew*

I followed up my my “linner” with my nightly stash of frozen grapes.

P.S. Actually, aside from fried foods being bad for you period, I try not to eat them because I hate the coating I get on my tongue afterwards – if I don’t break out into an allergy attack first (my tongue starts to numb and develop canker sores). These are the main reasons why I hate myself for eating fried foods. It frustrates me so much that I can’t remember these consequences when I am around delicious smelling French fries! I need to work on this.


I started my morning with a cup of flavored drip from a local coffee shop, but this time black. YEOW! Without my usual soy creamer, the caffeine hit my system so quick that before I knew it, I was a chatty Cathy that could.not.stop. Ha!

For breakfast, we visited Pepy’s Galley again, where I ordered an egg white scramble with spinach, mushrooms and bell peppers with sliced tomatoes instead of hashed browns. Although the wheat toast is in the picture, I saved it for my dog instead and instead ate my fiance’s buttered crusts from his (delicious) white toast.


Although I had a rest day planned today, I was reminded that, except in very rare circumstances, there are NO actual rest days for dog parents. As predicted, he rested a little too well last night because he was tearing through the house like the one-year old pup that he is.

Here he is eating my hair:

As I went to grab my shoes and leash, he scurried to the front door, eager for his walk. How could I say no, right? 😀


I originally thought that if I was going to walk him today, I thought that it would be only a 20 minute stroll around the neighborhood. Judging his activity level, I knew I couldn’t get away with that!

The day was cool and overcast (June gloom in … August?), perfect conditions for a 40 minute power walk. I’m glad we went after all! Thanks, Bruno. 🙂

Nothing much on the agenda today, except for lots of movie-watching (him) and Candy Crush-ing (me). It’s a relief not to have anything planned today except for a day of rest, but I think no one will be happier than the cats and dog, as rest day becomes family day for them. 🙂

Enjoy your Sunday, see ya tomorrow!


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