Caturday Hiking

Happy Caturday! Ha.

My post today will be short-winded because I am TIRED! I think this past week’s busy-ness and increased intensity of workouts caught up with me. Hopefully after a relaxing evening here, I’ll be back to my peppy self. 🙂

Last Night’s Dinner

After much debate, we decided to order from a new-to-us restaurant a few miles down the road for dinner.

I ordered salmon with two sides of steamed vegetables. It was good, but for the amount my dinner costed, I totally and completely disagree that that little thing was TWO servings of vegetables. To me that is only one!

And so after eating my dinner, I was still hungry. And tempted. So … I ate a “few” whole bunch of fries from my fiance’s fish n chips plate. Along with part of a fish. I won’t deny it – it was so incredibly goooooood but somehow I was able to shut myself down before I ate half his dinner, whew!Dinner was followed by a serving of frozen grapes.

And that, folks, was the extent of my big and excited Friday night. Woo!


Caturday in our house means hiking with the Bruno-meister!

Some pre-hike scenes from this morning:


I was NOT feeling it this morning, but seeing how excited the dog was, how could I say no?


Bruno is starting to get camera-shy 😦


In celebration of Caturday, Zack gets a few sprinkles of catnip and along with some pumps out of the catnip spray. Yeow!

prehike collage - sm

On the way to Runyon Canyon, I fueled up with some Cinnamon Hazelnut drip from our favorite local coffee shop and half a granola bar.

The hike was done in the mid-70s though overcast. The sun did however come out when we were just about done – perfect timing if you ask me. 🙂

Scenes from today’s hike:




I was SO done when we were finished: my legs felt like lead and even my arms could barely work while I planked later at home. I think this is my body telling me I need a rest day tomorrow! Bruno on the other hand, had a blast! He even had a little energy leftover at the end to play around with some new doggie friends. How does he do it?

Even though my energy level and the weather would have normally convinced me to call off the hike, I’m glad I went anyway.

“I regret that workout.” -said no one ever



I was good: egg white scramble with broccoli, bell peppers, and mushrooms, with sliced tomatoes on the side and my fiance’s buttered crusts. Perfect post-workout re-fueling that I needed so badly.


This week’s busy-ness plus uptick of my workouts seemed to have caught up with me today.

And speaking of being bushed, guess who else is as well?

Yes, that’s right! This guy:

May he sleep deeply until dinner, at which time he will wake up full of energy and ready to tear the house up, ha.

Nothing on the agenda today except curling up on the couch with the cats and Candy Crush.

Have a great Caturday, see ya tomorrow. 🙂


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