Goal for August 2013

August 2013 Goal

Hello, have you seen July? Because it was here a moment ago and I now it’s gone!


First of the month means I get to do one of my favorite Type A things to do: Set goals!

Except for me, it’s goal – as in, singular. As I mentioned in a previous post, I tend to get too excited and start making a gazillion goals only to have me burn out from achieving them. I’ve never purposely paced myself like this before, so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

So for August 2013, my one lone singular goal will be:


As in, no cakes, muffins, cookies, pies, candy, etc. etc.

The reason I’m making something I’m already doing a new goal:

While I am finally free of the physical symptoms of the addiction, I have not shaken my emotional cravings for it. Thoughts of “just one Reese’s couldn’t hurt!” runs through my head quite a bit, so I think that the more distance I put between today and the day I quit sugar, the better and easier life might be. With that in mind, I will be using the next 30 days to create new habits and thought patterns when I “feel” like having a little sug.

Wish me luck!

Last Night’s Dinner

After Tuesday’s fiasco of fattening eats, I was mentally armed to tackle a baseball game without gorging on all the calorie bombs at the stadium.

Before I go into food, can I show you something cute really quick?


Dodger socks! (And my cat Zack, heh) I keep forgetting that I have them, so I was happy that I remembered last night for the occasion.

Back to eats: before I left the house, I knew that we were going to eat at Philippe’s before the game. In case you don’t know, Philippe’s is famous for allegedly inventing the Beef French Dip Sandwich (I say allegedly because there’s another joint in town called Cole’s that makes the same claim). It’s also quite the tradition for fans to eat at Philippe’s before a Dodger game, so when you go, it’s just swarming of people dressed in Dodger Blue.

For the entire morning, I thought and plotted on how I was going to maintain my calorie count but still attend Philippe’s at the stadium? Finally, I had this brilliant idea:

In the pic, you can see that I packed a salad, an empty plastic container, an apple and plastic utensils.

My plan was to order a beef dip at Philippe’s, eat only my salad and half of the sandwich, store the other half of the sandwich in the plastic container, then eat the apple at the stadium when I got hungry later.

It worked better than I could have imagined!

At Philippe’s, here’s the sandwich I ordered:

And my plan in action:




The next part of the evening was almost a disaster…

Let me just say that it was so very hard to sit huddled amongst a sell-out crowd of 54,000 when everyone is ordering burgers, hot dogs, nachos, and garlic fries that smell so incredibly intoxicating. Oh my.

Luckily we were sitting smack in the middle of our row so that it wasn’t easy to get in and out. I planted my butt on my seat, watched the game, and took on my apple (and maybe even cried a little inside).

By the end of 9th inning, I was breathing sighs of relief. Whew – that was a close one

Bonus points: We accidentally parked really, really, really far away from our entrance, so we had to go up and down quite a few flight of stairs. After the game, we decided to get all silly and go on a little workout by walking incredibly fast and racing as fast and as we could up staircases. Dorks!



P.S. We lost. 😦


First of all, can I just say that this gal is no longer made for any events that put me in bed after midnight? I went to bed around 12:30 am and woke up this morning feeling super duper hungover even though I didn’t drink a sip of alcohol.

(Sidenote: Aside from waking up hungover-ish, I did not wake up feeling bloated from the gorge I really wanted to do at the stadium last night. Biiig sighs of relief here. Winwinwin.)

I wasn’t the only groggy one this morning, though. My fiance was feeling it too and so was this guy:

Bruno also had a little action last night. We knew we’d be away from the house for many, many hours (he is an “indoor” dog), so we dropped him off at his favorite day care late afternoon yesterday and picked him up late on the way home. Who knows what he did there, but whatever party animal business he conducted with the other dogs, he was feeling just as “hungover” as we were this morning. He even snored!

I would have LOVED to sleep in this morning, but it’s only Thursday, so I got up and started my morning with a cup of coffee.


Yesterday I mentioned that I wasn’t a big fan of our new coffee flavor Caramel Drizzle, but strangely, this morning it tasted fantastic. I think the problem was that I didn’t make the coffee strong enough yesterday, because I could totally taste the caramel today. Perfect wake-me-up medicine.

After working a bit, it was time to eat:

A creamy bowl of Cinnamon Apple Overnight Oats. I had an inkling that last night was going to be a late one, so yesterday I made a point to whip this up and throw it in the fridge for today’s brekkie. I’m so glad I did, because I was too tired/groggy to make anything, and to just take this bowl out and eat was perfect. Hooray!


After feeling physical fatigue and observing Bruno’s sluggishness yesterday, I planned for a rest day today – well, as much as a rest day can be for a dog parent, I guess.

My plan was to go on a casual 20 minute walk around our neighborhood, but then three things happened:

  1. After being dead asleep all morning, Bruno perked up and it seemed like he was really enjoying himself
  2. The weather and temperature was absolutely perfect!
  3. My muscles were crying tears of joy for the movement that helped to unstiffen them

So instead of walking a little over a mile, we ended up doing this:


By the way, remember when I mentioned yesterday that my stretching program wasn’t working for me? I realized while stretching today that I think my problem was laziness; I just wasn’t challenging my muscles by pushing them in and slightly through the uncomfortable point. No sooner I started pushing, I could feel my muscles unwind, and post-stretch, I felt loose once again.


And before I knew it, it was time for lunch. Where did the morning go?

Today’s lunch was easy, but time consuming (as in 15 minutes total), as I seem to be used to five minute lunches or less.



That’s steamed broccoli (added onion powder, garlic powder, ground pepper and a few drizzles of soy sauce) and – one of my favorites – Vitapizza! Vitapizza’s expensive (as in almost $5 per pizza), but good and astoundingly cheap in calories – as in 190. The one in the picture is meatless pepperoni. I usually nuke it for a quick meal, but with the broccoli already in the microwave, I cooked it in the toaster oven for 10 min at 400 degrees. Splashed some Tabasco on it and down the hatchet it went. Filling!

I have the best plans for the rest of the evening: NO PLANS! Haha. I’ve been so tired and overly stressed lately that I’m looking forward to some couch time with my animals and maybe some Candy Crush.

Oh and speaking of Candy Crush, would you believe that I’ve been too busy/tired to play it in like 2 or 3 days? Sounds like major improvements are happening in my life, folks. Ha!

Have a good day, see ya tomorrow!


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