Wednesday Weigh-In and Progress Notes

Happy Hump Day – two more days ’til the weekend, whoop!

Wednesday Weigh-In

Starting Weight: 119.4

Today’s weight:


It looks like a 1.5 lb loss, but it’s not really. Last week’s weigh-in was conducted on the morning after gorging all sorts of the craziest eats after weeks of crazy eats already, so my body was filled with junk. After only a few days of eating healthy, I could already feel my body slimming from the detoxing process. At any rate, I’m happy that this is more of my “real” starting weight is this instead of 119.4 – looking at the bright side?

What’s Working:

  • Drinking LOTS of liquids every day. This wasn’t something I planned on, just something I became conscious about doing. I can’t explain the results exactly in words other than that I feel like I’m flushed out and as a result, my body seems to be functioning more efficiently (more specifically, my digestive system).
  • Grab and eat healthy noms in the fridge. Yesterday, I mentioned prepping foods ahead of time is part of my success in eating healthy. The prepping part is rather unpleasant for me and time consuming, but it’s just so easy now to grab a box out of the fridge and EAT! No excuses, I love it.
  • Working out with the dog. This is an absolute win-win: the dog is too exhausted at the end to cause trouble and he get to lose weight. As for me, I get to stay active and not use up extra time in my day – kind of like streamlining. Now if only Bruno would enjoy running a bit more, I would SO be in business!
  • No sugar. Yes I miss it, but I feel FREE! It was just a week ago that I thought about and obsessed on sugar. Now, I can think about sugar, but I no longer feel the choke-hold of my addiction that deludes me into believing that I need it to feel better. Bonus? My skin is looking so much better these days and less red. I need to remember these points the next time I crave the sweet stuff. Note: Yes, I had pancakes yesterday, but I’m talking about sugar like cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream, candy, brownies, etc. Can you believe I was eating this

What’s Not Working:

  • My stretching program. While 8 minutes is the perfect amount of time for me to maintain a program that will fit into my busy life, I do not fully feel adequately “stretched out” afterwards. I’m not sure about what to do about this just yet – should I be stretching longer or change the routine itself?
  • My non-existent strength training. There is a point where I need to stop griping about this and actually DO it. I think this week I will have to put together a quick program that I can spend a few minutes a day doing so that I won’t feel like I’m dedicating more of my day, yet build strength.

Last Night’s Dinner

Warning: The following are two more pictures of non-healthy eats. 😦

So there are no lunch pics from yesterday because … well, I didn’t eat lunch. I was so overly stressed that I simply wasn’t hungry and the thought of food made my face turn green. Sometimes this happens, I guess; it’s a good thing I ate a rather high-caloric breakfast I suppose.

I’m not exactly pleased with my dinner last night, but it was the only thing I could really order from the diner’s limited list (it was their anniversary celebration):



Er … that would be a fried chicken plate and a dinner roll. Even though I was hungry, I wasn’t excited to have it with my healthy eating and all. I removed the skin off the chicken and ate the meat only. And yes I did eat the roll, but plain – no butter that baby. Admittedly, I felt nauseous post-meal. Will this add to my motivation to eat much healthier? Absolutely, I’ll take it. 🙂

Thankfully after a crazy day, I was ready for a tame night of Dodger watching followed up by honkshoos. It was a good night. 😀


I started my morning with a new flavored coffee today: Caramel Drizzle. I wish I could say it was the bombdotcom, but it was only okay. Added a couple tablespoons of soy creamer and I was a happy and on my way to being wide eyed and bushy tailed.


Today’s agenda:

C25k: modified Week 3



  1. Because we ran out of road on Monday, I added a few extra streets to our route to make the workout last, making it a 50 minute heart-pumping workout. *cheers*
  2. My dog was actually able to run in the 8 minute mile range today!
  3. Bruno was flat out exhausted afterwards. For me, this counts as 5 extra wins, ha 😛


Since I was a little sore while running and Bruno was feeling sluggish this morning, we might take a “rest” day tomorrow – as in no running, just a walk or two.


Sorta quick brekkie today:


Two waffles with Cinnamon Apple Greek Yogurt topping, perfect little cool-down eat after a hot and sweaty workout. I prepped the topping on Sunday night, so that all I had to do was toast the waffles. Easy!


Today’s brand of waffle was new to me. I’ve spotted Van’s for years, but never bought it because I’m such a big Kashi fan, however, when the store ran out of Kashi, I panicked a bit. I just about to abandon my waffle plans until I saw that this package was on close-out – and if you know me, I just can’t resist a good deal, so I bought it.

When I first opened the package, I was annoyed that they were a bit on the small side, though more dense than what I am used to. I was relieved that they smelled terrific – not like how Kashi smells like cake, but still delicious. Because they were smaller in size, my topping sat tall, but that is more of an observation rather than a complaint.

Verdict? I’m a fan. But after I’m done with these two boxes, if there’s Kashi, I’m going back to it.


Before lunch, I sipped on two mugs of Jasmine tea:


Actually, that’s two mug’s worth, but using the same tea bag. A little trick my mom taught me to get the most bang for your buck. (Mighty leaf teas are so awesome for this)

For lunch:

Spinach salad topped with two chopped hard boiled eggs, a few drizzles of Balsamic vinegar and many turns of the pepper grinder. Easy and filling. Huzzah!

Tonight my man and I have a date to see our boys in blue at Dodger stadium. Since I’m back on the health wagon, avoiding calorie bombs this evening will take some creative planning – but I got a plan! Cross your fingers for me.

See ya tomorrow!


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