5 Doggie Myths My Dog Busted

Happy Tuesday!

Oh man oh man today’s been cray-zay. Let’s just say that today I learned why I am a stickler for routine and structure, because I learned exactly what happens when I try to move things around.

But first, let’s back up to last night.

Last Night’s Dinner

Actually, the craziness started last night. The phones for our business would not stop ringing last night and as a result, we didn’t eat until after 7 pm (we work at home). So yes, I was like totally starving by the time dinner was served (a common theme in these past few days it seems), but I did stuff myself with a ton of water to tide me over until dinner.

On the menu: steaks!


That’s my guy. He’s the grill chef in the family. Steak night is a teamwork effort in my house that I enjoy: I do the marinating, and he does the grilling. Works for me!


Bruno tries his paw at being grill chef. Unfortunately, he doesn’t look too into it, ha.Β Β (P.S. Please ignore the condition of the planters behind them. My talents lay in eating, not gardening. πŸ˜‰ )

The end result:

One juicy 8 oz filet mignon marinated in soy sauce, olive oil and various seasonings + a whole lotta steamed broccoli = dee-leee-shus.

There was no dessert because by the time I washed all the dishes and fed the dog, it was past 8 pm and I was EXHAUSTED – too much so to eat dessert or – gasp! – play Candy Crush. I probably got found rounds in before I waved the white flag and went to bed.


I must have slept super soundly because I woke up ten minutes earlier than usual, hooray! (I can easily sleep 12 hours. Next to eating, sleeping is my second most favorite hobby.)

I started this morning off with my regular cup of toasted hazelnut joe with two tbsp of soy creamer:

Today was an unconventional day for me. This is my typical weekday:

  • Wake Up
  • Coffee!
  • Feed Dog
  • Workout with Dog
  • Stretch
  • Breakfast
  • Work

What actually happened today:

  • Wake up
  • Coffee
  • Go to breakfast at a local diner
  • Feed dog
  • Work (impromptu – I had to put together some paperwork for a client ASAP)
  • Tell the dog and cats to settle down
  • Work (more ASAP stuff)
  • Grab the cat toy out of dog’s mouth
  • Work (ASAP stuff)
  • Tell the dog to stop barking
  • Work (ASAP stuff)
  • Let the dog outside
  • Work (ASAP stuff)
  • Let the dog in
  • Work (ASAP stuff)
  • Take the dog on a workout to exhaust him!
  • Stretch
  • Work

Lesson: keep to the routine, it’s there for a reason. πŸ˜‰

Anyway! The reason why we went out for breakfast is that a local diner was celebrating their 54th anniversary. Every year, they celebrate with classic cars, music and menu with prices that reflect how much they charged when first opened:


In case you can’t read it, it’s bacon or sausage, 2 eggs and pancakes for only $1.25! They also offered pancakes for $0.60 and dollar pancakes for $0.70. It’s something we plan on every year, so I wasn’t going to skip this just because I’m living healthy. Moderation, right?

My breakfast eats:

Two eggs over easy, two sausage patties and two pancakes plus sugar-free syrup (unpictured). By the way, I didn’t eat the butter, which isn’t a big deal since being Chinese I didn’t grow up with butter anyway. No loss there. πŸ™‚

And our awesome receipt for brekkie:


Whoop! Wish every day was 1959. πŸ™‚

While it was fun attending the celebration and even more fun eating pancakes for breakfast, I admit it wasn’t the brightest idea to eat it to begin my day because I was really tired when I got back home. (This is why I prefer to eat pancakes at night, when I can just roll over and go to bed after, ha!)

I tried very hard to pep myself up with a cup of lightly caffeinated jasmine tea:


It worked to help me pep up to go for that workout with the dog who was driving me INSANE with his energy (the cats were no better – those little devils instigate half the madness), but I kept getting interrupted with work stuff! It wasn’t until mid-morning when I finally got the guy outside for a little walk-run.


If I didn’t have the dog, this would be the prime morning when the “I don’t feel like it” excuse could have gotten me out of today’s workout, but the trouble benefit of having a dog is great for keeping one on track activity-wise.

Being an “off day,” we completed an almost 40-minute workout consisting of Couch to 5k Week One. Since we are on Week Three now, it was easy peasy yet got the dog tired enough to do this:


Today’s visitor during my stretching included that furry beast again:

It’s a blurry pic, but you can see that he just plopped down in front of my while I did the butterfly stretch. Silly dog!

Eventually he moved towards the back of the mat so I could finish my little session:


Thank you Bruno, for being so considerate. πŸ™‚

There are no lunch pics today because it’s late afternoon and I’m STILL stuffed. Actually, I’m extremely stressed too, which often times holds my hunger at bay and makes food appear nauseating. I’m the opposite of most people: I eat when I’m deliriously happy and can’t eat when I’m under stress or sad. And since I’m pretty happy almost every day… you get the picture. πŸ™‚

5 Doggie Myths My Dog Busted

IMG_0566During our workout, my mind drifted as it usually does, but today it was in reflection of my time with my dog. This is my first dog really, and I love him so, but my fiance and I throw around some terrible jokes where Bruno is the butt of them because he is just so unexpectedly so not what we thought we were getting when we decided to get a dog.

  1. “Dogs are wonderful, natural alarm clocks.” While this was so when Bruno was a puppy, THIS dog will throw you dirty looks when you try to get him up in the morning. Any time earlier than 7 am will get you a mean left hook with his paw (most days he won’t even respond to treats) and any later is up for negotiation.
  2. “Dogs make ideal running partners.” HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! My dog HATES running. He used to hide in his crate during early morning runs and have even gone so far as to fake sleep. I’ve eased up a bit and tried to make it more fun, but you can still tell that he prefers to go on workouts consisting of hiking and walking only. P.S. The only running he loves to do is uphill. All else is walk, walk, walk unless I give him no choice.
  3. “Dogs don’t always get along with cats.” Oh this is a goodie. I used to worry about the cats before I brought a puppy home; I never would have guessed that it’s the CATS that terrorize the dog! Because Bruno is good-natured in general,Β he loves, loves, *loves* them despite the fact that some days he gets two swipes to the face before breakfast. It’s hilarious to see him so eagerly running to join the cats in their napping parties only to receive growls and looks of vast annoyance. Poor pup!
  4. “He won’t grow more than 40 pounds, tops.” This was told to us by his foster parents, and we ate up that prediction like the naive wannabe dog parents we were, happy that we wouldn’t be adopting a dog that will take up half the house. We were not laughing when the puppy grew, grew, andΒ grew to a massive 78 pounds – almost twice the prediction. Whenever we come across a litter of puppies and hear the same prediction come from the foster parents’ mouths, we can’t help but roll around the floor laughing because that never seems to be the case. (Sidenote: a few years back my best friend adopted a “miniature” poodle that grew to 30 pounds. Boy was she surprised!)
  5. “Mutts are healthier and cost less long-term in healthcare.” First of all, let me just say that I fully support the adoption of mutts because for the most part, they are healthier. As for this dog, however, guess who spends around $120 a month in allergy pills??? Oh yes. As it turns out, he is a little allergic to grass and develops hot spots in a drop of a hat that results in fur loss. (This is common in pit bulls and Bruno is a Pit-Shepherd mix)

By the way, this was written in jest, because if you can’t tell by ALLLLL the pictures of the pictures I’ve posted over the past week, we are obsessed LOVE our dog. I am even willing to admit that we are Those Fur Parents who truly consider their dog as their kid. We just think it’s hilarious that we ended up picking a dog that truly defines the slang “lie like a dog.” Ha!

See ya tomorrow. πŸ™‚


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