Hiking Adventure! Also: Caffeine and Children

Sugar Detox

As I mentioned here and there, I am a sugar addict and today is my Day 3 of zero sugar. Cold turkey, brr gobble gobble, that is me.

(Sidenote: should I mentioned I last ate sugar on Wednesday and, to celebrate my anniversary, I ate two desserts? A strawberry trifle AND sticky toffee pudding. Yup.)

All’s gone well except for yesterday afternoon: suddenly, I started shaking and felt a great feeling of irritation descend upon me. I was NOT happy and was VERY snippy towards my fiance. Poor guy! Even worse, while getting my nails done at the salon, they had the glorious, delicious, fabulous Food Network going on half the television sets. OhhhhEmmmmmmGeeeeee! The show I happened to watch feature Guy Fieri visiting several DELICIOUS diners in Chicago that served unFREAKINGbelievable pancakes that I do not dare to whisper on this blog. And then those Rolo commercials? I nearly jumped out of my chair to pick up some Rolos while making immediate plans to drive to Chicago at that very minute.

It was not pretty.

picI need sugar!!!

Last Night’s Dinner + Dessert

I committed the cardinal sin of eating for weight loss: I left the house hungry without a snack on my person.


While negotiating dinner, I was so badly starving that I started naming about five different places to eat with full intention of ordering meals that would completely and unexceptionably blow out my calorie budget for the day.

Fortunately, we happened to approach an El Pollo Loco in our fast moving car and we decided on that ASAP before I could change my mind. I can’t say it was easy though; I was this close to barging down the door of who knows where and ordering half the menu!

El Pollo Loco’s Skinless Chicken Breast Meal with side salad, steamed veggies, an extra side of steamed veggies, two little cups of salsa and about 1/3 of the Lite Creamy Cilantro dressing. Delicious, and – would you believe this? – filling. Disaster avoided.

Since I ate dinner quite early, I got snack-y later, so I pulled out some frozen grapes out of the freezer (unpictured). Of course I absolutely preferred ice cream or candy, but I held my ground (easier as time goes on) and stuck to those grapes. Success!

Saturday, Caturday

I confess: I did not wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning because I went to bed a little late. Why? Because of this:

2013-07-27 14.40.15

Ahh!!!! Why must I not only be addicted to sugar in real life, but digitally as well? This is taking over my life. Ugh.

Anyway, we woke up early this morning with great big plans to head to our favorite dog park: Runyon Canyon. Runyon is one of the great gems of LA: not only does it provide you a beautiful shot of the Hollywood Sign after a short hike up some stairs, but it’s an amazing dog park where your dog can run and hike unleashed for acres upon acres. It’s one of our most favorite spots to hit with our dog on the weekends and we often go on both Saturday and Sunday.

Bruno, understanding patterns, knew immediately that it was the weekend, and weekend usually involves really fun times with Mom and Dad. (Sidenote: we were so tired that we almost skipped today’s hike, but guess who was running around crazily in the living room? With a dog, there is no excuse, ha!)


On our way to the park, we chugged some delicious flavored drip from our favorite small coffee shop (not pictured) and 1/2 a granola bar (the other half went to my fiance)


Today’s hike was typical: 5 miles in 2.5 hours. The weather was perfect: not too hot and yet not too cold.


We saw the usual sites, people and dogs, but today Bruno decided to get a little nature-y and spent more time exploring than usual. Maybe it’s because he knew I had a camera and wanted me to document his adventure?

Here he is in some dry bushes:

pic“Look Mom, I’m a wolf in the wild!”

And of course I wanted a pic with my furry adventurer:


But then he started to get some ideas. There is a fork that he abruptly took – on his own! – and we didn’t realize until we looked up and saw him ABOVE us:

pic“Who’s the boss now, muaahaahaa!”

Oh Bruno!

And because I am a mama-razzi today, I had to take a closer-up pic:

pic“I will come down only for treats.
Come back when you get some,
and we’ll talk.”

Since no amount of asking and pleading of him to get down would work (usually treats work, but we are both on a diet, so…), my fiance climbed up there to get him:


He then led him to the path to come back down:


Only to have him suddenly park his butt down – in a lazy sit, no less!

IMG_0648“But Dad, I can see the treat store from here!”

We finally got him down and continued on our way. He seemed real proud of himself.

By the time we were done, Bruno was eager to get back into the car and pass out in the backseat.

It was a good day. 🙂


Post-workout, we got breakfast from one of my favorite places in LA: Kitchen 24 in Hollywood:


Egg white omelette with broccoli, bell peppers and mushrooms. Sliced tomatoes on the side. And special treat for me: buttered crusts from my fiance’s sourdough toast that gets nice and soaked in my breakfast juices (not pictured). Yum!

And a pat on the back for me for actually ordering something healthy when I wanted French Toasted super duper incredibly badly. 

After we got home, guess who visited me while stretching? My little Zack-meister.


Caffeine and Children

Yesterday, it occurred to me that society does not deem coffee as child-friendly, but a Coke or Pepsi is? They all contain caffeine, but there is also a lot of sugar in soda. At least coffee contains antioxidants, and if you add a little milk, you’d get some protein and calcium out of it.

Anyway, it would make sense to me that if children “should not” drink coffee, wouldn’t the same rule apply – and possibly even more so – for soda as well?

Food for thought. What do you think?

picCoffee? Soda? Pfft.
I prefer Red Bull.
(Ask my mom about it sometime)

I have big plans of doing absolutely nothing the rest of the day, which for me is the best plans of all.

Hope you’re having a great Saturday so far. See ya tomorrow!


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