Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Planned: Run 4 miles, easy
Results: 5.00 miles
Since my right knee was bothering me (prolly from the lack of walk breaks and speed sessions), I definitely planned on taking it easy. I started with walk breaks at 4:1 ratio (run 4 minutes, walk 1 minute) as slow as possible, which was easy with it being 65 degrees and humid, HOWEVER, I had another spiritual moment. lol It’s just on this day, the flowers were extra gorgeous, the cloudless sky behind the shining sun was such a pretty shade of blue, the ocean sent breezes that were the perfect temperature and speed to cool my sweat, the birds were singing such catchy tunes, and the leaves danced to the catchy beat of a soft rustle. With all this going on, I just HAD to run that extra mile!!! In fact, I ditched my run-walk-run program at about mile 3.25 and ran the rest straight because the breaks distracted me too much from admiring nature. lol And people wonder why I run sans iPod always.

Planned: Yoga, 75 minutes
I haven’t attended a Wednesday afternoon Yoga session in weeks. I was just not in the mood, I guess! I’m considering buying yoga videos to do at home. Maybe that will help me get in touch with my inner yogi again.


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