Choose One: Awesome Body OR Be the 1% Who Finishes a Marathon

Soooo I gained about 6-7 pounds since hitting my lowest weight.


I should not let the scale control me, after all, the scale does not account for the insane muscle I built since last December. I now have the ability to clench my quads; it’s pretty darn sexy (to me!) on how they kind of pop out on their own when I stand up. I even have that “slit” on the side of the leg… Me likey! And my biceps – holy moly. I feel strong. I look strong. My shoulders are fabulously sculpted. Even my back is starting to develop little by little. I can do full planks and rotate my planks like nobody’s business (side plank 1 min, regular plank 1 min, other side plank 1 min, regular plank 1 min, repeat – all done with no rest in between). My cardiovascular health is just fantastic: I can keep up with the hardest instructors at the gym without collapsing and I can run miles upon miles without my heart rate spiking. πŸ™‚

But best of all, a gym instructor described my physique as “athletic”!!!!!!!

But I am annoyed that my once-defined 6-pack is now a puffy 4-pack-ish. A layer of fat developed on my arms, hiding my guns a little. Same to be said about my thighs.

How did this happen? Oh I so know how this happened. It’s called the holidays and marathon training.

I can’t believe I’m still battling holiday weight. It’s May for heaven’s sake!

But the marathon… Running longer distances makes me out to look like an Ethiopian at Hometown Buffet. Seriously, after an 11-miler last Monday, I ate a pretty good sized dinner (1.5 cups pasta, veggies, garlic bread, 6-9 oz jumbo shrimp), but an hour later, I was experiencing hunger pains. Not only am I eating more than HB, but I end up begging for scraps from his plate! I already upped my caloric intake to 1500-1800 with 6 meals a day, but I’m going to have to eat at least 2000 with 8 meals or so on weeks where I have a long run. That’s the downside when you start burning 1000+ calories in one session.

Thankfully, the appetite spike lasts for about 5-6 days or so. Last weekend I went a little nuts while we were in Palm Springs (yes it was a vacation, but I should still have been able to exercise some kind of restraint when it came to the chocolate fondue lol), but by Monday, my appetite lessened by a whole lot; to the point where 1300-1500 calories felt okay again (I am only 5’0)… just in time for this week’s huge reduction in mileage for rest week!

So what am I to do about the weight? Well I should do zip-zero-nothing about it, at least until I am done training for the marathon. After all, my body needs all the nutrients (and carbs carbs carbs!!!) it needs to carry to the 26.2 finish line. The real question is, “Choose one: great looking body OR finish a marathon”, after all, a it isn’t a great looking body that helps me run; it is a strong, practiced body that is fed with enough nutrients that helps me to cross this goal off my list. Plus, I certainly am desperate to become the 1% of the population who completed a marathon. Hoorah!

Riiiight. Easier said (or typed!) than done – especially when you have a pair of in laws boasting with brand new figures thanks to Weight Watchers coming into visit in two weeks. o_O (They’re actually very nice and gorgeous people. I’m happy for them and can’t wait to see how amazing they look (additional motivation!); this is just the insecure me talking/typing.)

Fortunately, I’m more of a “get it fixed” girl rather than “drown in my woes,” so here is my plan:

  1. Remind myself of the commitment I made to the marathon.
  2. Exercise every day. As in Monday through Sunday. I’m going back to what I know works, which is exercising every day (I did it for 120 days straight!). I already have Monday through Friday down, I just need to make Saturday and Sunday a habit. I already talked to HB about walking on the weekends and he is down for it. HB himself is currently not working out at all, so this will be a very good thing for him too.
  3. Veggies veggies veggies. People say Chinese food is fattening, but I actually lost a lot of fat from eating it. lol Early in the week I order brown rice, fish steamed with ginger and onion, and three orders of different kind of veggie stir fry (eggplant dish, green beans stir fry, and gourmet vegetable). For lunch every day I would serve myself 1/2 cup brown rice, a 3 oz serving of fish and a cup of each veggie dish. That, followed by a small dinner works like a charm and – unless I’m running long distances! – keeps me from going hungry.
  4. STOP PICKING MYSELF APART! Write a brag sheet on a post it and stick it next to my before picture.
  5. Wear beautiful clothes It makes me feel my best and at the same time, draws my attention away from the parts I am so desperate to change.

Wish me luck as I’m certainly going to need it! Here goes…


7 thoughts on “Choose One: Awesome Body OR Be the 1% Who Finishes a Marathon

  1. Hi Kitty, I’ve missed your posts! In the last month something just clicked and I lost ten pounds! I feel like the old me that loved to workout just came roaring back and I started to hear a lot more comments this past weekend. All my old size 0/2 clothes now look like they will fit by the summer and yeah, my self esteem is back and so is the cheery bubbly me!
    Your pics and story were such an inspiration that I just had to write to you!

  2. hello there, i just found your blog and love it. you are truly inspiring. I am jumping back on the fit train after seeing some very unflattering pics of me on a cruise this past weekend. i am 126lbs and 5’2 ..i know unacceptable.. i was wondering if you have any tips and if when u started you stayed bw the cals that spark people recommended or you went lower…thanks so much.. by the way i think i might try 1 month of everyday working out

  3. Hi Annie! It’s me, Jess, from 43T & SP. Please do an update post! πŸ˜‰ It’s been so long and I bet wonderful things have been happening for you, and even if they aren’t it’s sometimes good to look back and see where we were. I started a blog too, but fashion related, and hope to make it more ‘lifestyle-ish.’

    I would like to document fitness goals in there as well, just not sure how to go about it. As for me, I joined a gym and can do 2 miles on the elliptical in about 18 mins. at my fastest. I hope that counts! πŸ˜‰ I remember you encouraged me to run and I really think it’s neat that my endurance has changed so much just from joining my gym back in July. Anyway, sorry for the long comment and hope you are doing great!

  4. Hey’s it’s been too long 😦 I’m another follower from 43T hope you’re doing well and that you’re still keeping fit and healthy. You’ve always been a real inspiration and motivator for me.

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