Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Planned: Super Sculpt Class, 60 min
We had that sub today, the yoga lady who killed is in Core Training last week. HARD – which is fine, except it was a little unorganized. I did notice though that the 8 pounders are getting a little too light. I think I might need to move to 10’s, which is a weight I hadn’t lifted since I was a teen!


Planned: Recumbent Trainer, 27 minutes
This is getting SO VERY BORING! If it wasn’t so very good for the development of my quads, I’d sock this workout already.

Planned: Treadclimber, 27 minutes
I am so over the Treadclimber; the elliptical is such a refreshing change. I typically avoid this machine like the plague on non-running days, but I found that going backwards on it works out my quads, so I’m having a blast on it thus far!

Planned: Core Training Class, 45 minutes
I love it when an instructor arrives before class; it ensures that it will start on time howeverrrrrrrrrrrrr, she was early but started late. I was annoyed. I did notice however that my abs are so much stronger than when I first started and my running is benefiting from it greatly. Maybe I should add in another abs-focused session later in the week?

Planned: Strength & Flexibility Yoga, 75 minutes
It is so obvious that I haven’t done as much yoga as I should have, but I’m happy that I went to this one. I didn’t push myself as much as I should have; I was too busy yawning. lol


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