Run 500 Miles in 2009: Apr. 26-May 2

“I run because I want to. I run because through running I am discovering parts of myself that I didn’t know were there. I run because most days it feel so good to move my body with my own strength and will.” – John “The Penguin” Bingham, The Courage to Start

Week’s Summary: I’m very excited about the 10.5 mile run scheduled for Monday – uncharted distances are always so much fun!!!! The weather is looking good for it too; it should be a cool 55 degrees on the beach with slight winds. PERFECTO.

Date Type Target Pace Target Miles Time Done Miles Done Notes
Sun 26
Mon 27 Long Easy 10.5 mi 1:50:00 11.01 The first 4 miles were done run-walk-run, that is, until I experienced a tech failure that erased my running program on the Garmin (user error). I decided to run the rest of the route non-stop, which was amazing! I forgot how amazing it is to just zone out. Other than the tiniest bit of knee pain, I finished strong and even pushed effortlessly for extra half mile for a nice, rounded number.
Tue 28
Wed 29 Short Easy 4 mi 40:00 4.3 mi I carried a pair of jeans for 2.25 miles to the dry cleaners, got a few strange looks. LOL Rt knee hurt a lil at the end, tho went away during the cooldown walk. Maybe running non-stop is taking a toll?
Thu 30
Fri 1 Short Easy 3 mi 40:04 4.42 mi HUMID!!! Ran 1 mile fast.
Sat 2

Week’s Target Mileage: 18.5 miles
Week’s Completed Mileage: 19.73 miles
Month to Date: 83.42miles For the sake of simplicity, Mar. 29-May 2 will be considered a month
Year to Date: 137.8 miles
Miles to 500: 362.2 miles

Conclusion: Last week, I was actually doubting my abilities to actually be able to finish the marathon. This week, however, after Monday’s run, I was PUMPED! My confidence is building and I can actually see the finish line. Woohoo!


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