Run 500 miles in 2009: Apr. 19-25

“But as I stand at the starting line, I know that somewhere out there is a finish line. And I know that if I only look at what I can do on that day, I will win no matter when, or how, or if, I finish.” – John “The Penguin” Bingham, The Courage to Start

Week’s Summary:

Date Type Target Pace Target Miles Time Done Miles Done Notes
Sun 19
Mon 20 Long Easy 7 mi 1:14:00 7.1 mi OMG it was so FREAKING HOT – even my Hammer gel melted! (It was 86-91 degrees) I took tons of walking breaks and even sat in the shade a few times on the beach. I basically crawled to the finish. In addition to the gel, I tried Hammer’s electrolyte drink, which was abysmal. I’ll stick to GU and water.
Tue 21
Wed 22 Short Easy 4 mi 44:00 4.36 mi Seems that I recovered well from Monday’s run. I was stiff until mile 1.5; after that it was smooth sailing.
Thu 23 28:01 2.87 mi The road to the gym was blocked, so I decided to run while doing my errands, this time without any walking breaks! Totally rocked.
Fri 24 Short Easy 3 mi 40:00 4.45 mi I was so inspired by yesterday’s non-stop run that I decided to do today’s run non-stop. Much more fun that the run-walk-run method!
Sat 25

Week’s Target Mileage: 15 miles
Week’s Completed Mileage: 18.78 miles
Month to Date: 63.69 miles For the sake of simplicity, Mar. 29-May 2 will be considered a month
Year to Date: 118 miles
Miles to 500: 382 miles

Conclusion: Since coming back from injury in January, I’ve been doing the the run-walk-run method in 4 min run to 1 min walk ratio. I’m not sure what possessed me to just run non-stop on Thursday (then again, Thurs was full of impromptu incidents), but it just felt soo good. I hear that run-walk-run has no impact on a runner’s endurance, but I felt comforted anyway that I could still do 4+ miles non-stop, in good time too!


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