Mon. May 4, 2009

Planned: Speed Test, Magic Mile, 3 mi
Results: 7:34 MM
OMG so HARD! Those acceleration gliders sure can make your lungs feel like they’re about to blow up. I clocked in 7:34 for the mile test. Not good, but not bad either. It blew my mind that people run at that pace in a marathon. Good Lord. I’m going crazy knowing that I only have 3 miles scheduled today, especially after a gluttonous weekend in Palm Springs. Maybe if I’m feeling frisky later in the afternoon, I’ll stop by the gym and pour gallons of sweat on my new friend, the elliptical.


One thought on “Mon. May 4, 2009

  1. Glad to see you are back – and yes, I decided to cancel my SP account and stick with my blog and my fooddiary. You were right — can’t create confusion and information overload and then complain about it!
    I’m muy jealous to hear about palm springs and love the new layout over at the spark blog — looking forward to reading more about your ambitious running plan. Your recent trasnformation really spoke to me — I feel like putting on this weight transformed in in the way you mentioned and recently, something clicked and I’ve been running to workout everyday — that wonderful addicting feeling is back. You also inspired me to get on the 100 pushups challenge which I love love love. I am over at and will be following your adventures here since I can’t comment on spark. (Yes, the blog was to track my LSAT efforts and weight loss — it’s taking forever to prepare).

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