Run 500 miles in 2009: Mar 29-Apr 4

“The miracle is that you have everything you need to change your life at your disposal right now. You don’t need to be any smarter or thinner or more disciplined than you are at this very moment in order to accept the grace that an active life gives you.” – John “The Penguin” Bingham, Running For Mortals, p.220

Week’s Summary: After a week’s rest, I am feeling refreshed and ROARING to go! This week, the long run will be stretched to 7 miles, with 4 mile midweek run (or 3, depending on how I’m recovering from the long run) and the itty bitty 3 mile foundation run on Friday. A quick glance to this week’s weather shows warmer weather, which means careful attention to speed and hydration. Something to be psyched about: This will be the first time I’ve ever run in the spring – yeah!!!!

Date Type Target Pace Target Miles Time Done Miles Done Notes
Sun 29
Mon 30 Long Easy 7 mi 1:19:00 7.65 mi No knee pain whatsoever! Used new hydration pack. Gu was gross but worked awesome.
Tue 31
Wed 1 Short Easy 3 mi 34:00 3.3 mi Rt knee started hurting towards end of run.
Thu 2
Fri 3 Short Easy 4 mi 44:00 4.26 mi Awesome run!!!
Sat 4

Week’s Target Mileage: 14 miles
Week’s Completed Mileage: 15.21 miles
Month to Date: 15.21 miles
Year to Date: 113 miles
Miles to 500: 387 miles

For simplicity’s sake, Mar. 29-May 2 will be considered a month

Conclusion: 15 miles for the week – that means I’m one mile shy from my normal range of miles per week! It’s been a great week for running, almost effortless. I’m so READY for next week. BAM!


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