Exercise 10k Minutes in 2009: Mar. 22-28

Date Minutes Activities Notes
Sun 22:
Mon 23: 68.93 Run Run+24.93min WU&CD
Tue 24: 234 Gym 60min SS+27min Bike+27min TC+45min CT+75min Yoga
Wed 25: 121.75 Run, Gym Run+12.75min WU&CD+75min Yoga
Thu 26: I was SO exhausted from my late nite on Wed, so I took a complete day off.
Fri 27: 186 Run, Gym Run+23min WU&CD+75min Yoga
Sat 28:

Week’s Total: 610.68 min
Month to Date: 3108.84 min
Year to Date: 5153.54 min
Minutes to 10k: 4846.46 min

WU&CD = Warm up and cool down (with run)
TC = Treadclimber
CT = Core Training class
SS = Super Sculpt class
ST = Strength Training class


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