Run 500 miles in 2009: Mar. 8-14

“Once you’re beat mentally, you might was well not even go to the starting line.” – Todd Williams

Week’s Summary: Nothing special, just building up mileage and cross-training in between days. Concentrating on running sloooooooooow.

Date Type Target Pace Target Miles Time Done Miles Done Notes
Sun 8
Mon 9 Long Easy 5 mi 5.12 mi 54:00 Tired at end caused form to collapse, which lead to rt knee complaining a bit
Tue 10
Wed 11 Short Easy 3 mi 3.27 mi 34:00 1 mi tempo, felt great, knee tinged at end when tired and form collapsed
Thu 12
Fri 13 Short Easy 3 mi 3.1 34:00 Tired b4 run, tried to run at a super easy pace. Super stamina up hills! Rt ankle tinged towards end.
Sat 14

Week’s Target Mileage: 11.0 miles
Week’s Completed Mileage: 11.49 miles
Month to Date: 18.88 miles
Year to Date: 73.23 miles
Miles to 500: 426.8 miles

Conclusion: Great week, I made my running goals! Knees never felt better, thanks to cross training? Ave heart rate is also going down drastically as I am quickly recovering my fitness. I was surprised that even though I was tired and didn’t feel like running on Friday, I was able to punch through hills with much more stamina without raising my heart rate too high. I guess what that running expert said about how “you gotta run slow to to run fast” is becoming a reality for me.


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