I’m committing to the Long Beach Marathon! A scenic course by the beach that is also pretty flat yet still a Boston Marathon qualifier. WOTWOT!

My Plan (thus far):

  1. Big time strength training at the gym. Work on many of the supporting muscles to prevent injury (the reason why my knee hurts, I bet) and build power, but mostly to keep healthy… Like the quads! It would majorly suck to have to bow out of the marathon 4 weeks prior due to some crazy injury. Nooo thanks.
  2. Invest money into it. So far I got the shoes outfitted for me by experts at a running store, which helps a lot. The running store also recommended me the … best… socks… ever. Whoever knew socks were such a key component in running??? My homework in this category includes researching fuel belts and buy another pair of my new favorite sneakers. I’m also considering purchasing Jeff Galloway’s eCoaching program.
  3. Find my max heart rate. I’m not sure my gym does this, hmm. I’ll have to find out where I can get this done. (I’m too lazy to find out on my own)
  4. Discover new running routes where I can run 26 miles. I’m thinking of the beach, which is pretty close to my house (bonus!) and has bathrooms and water fountains at regular distances (bonus bonus!). One of the times I run, I think I’ll do it on the marathon path itself to help with the visualization process.
  5. Consider joining a training group. It’s still bit early for this though, as they usually form about 2-4 months before the marathon, I noticed.
  6. Crosstrain. So far I’m cross training on the recumbent trainer and TreadClimber, but this will get boring fast, I’m sure! I need to find other activities…
  7. Train in the heat, as it surely will be super hot, even if it’s October. Guess that’s what summer’s for!

I’m so excited to be doing this… I’m gonna do it!

(Feels like just yesterday I was starting the Couch to 5k plan…)


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