“If running was my boyfriend, I’d guess you’d say we’ve been fighting all week.”

With the start of half marathon training, new gym schedule and restarting strength training after taking a one month+ break all on the same week, I was destined on a one way road towards train wreck that may somewhat equate to that picture of red-lipsticked Britney sitting on the sidewalk crying.

Monday: In anticipation of a very hilly 10k (461’ gain for a straight 2.75 miles) AND HM (703’ minimum elevation gain – yikes!), I tried to run a new route filled with taunting hills. Result? My eyes brimmed with tears at mile 4 and I negotiated a compromise with myself to where I won’t stop running if I cut out the second half of the hills I had planned. After the run, I was so exhausted to where I could not even pet my cat and my eyes were glazed and staring at the wall. You can say I was traumatized. emoticon

Tuesday: I woke up somewhat sore and it was hard to get out of bed. I attended a Super Sculpt class which seemed easy but that night, some more soreness came on. Good thing I skipped the Pilates class!

Wednesday: I could barely drag myself out of bed to get DH ready for work – and OMG my butt was so sore!!!! Just sitting bed made me wince. Could it be from all the butt squeezes in the sculpting class??? I went on a short run which felt like it took foooooooooorever but it helped shake out the soreness. I decided to skip a yoga strengthening class and opted for a stretching class instead. Ahhh!!!!!!!! Me likey.

Thursday: I did an hour aerobics that concentrated on legs in the first half hour and waist up in the second. TORTURE!!!! We worked on muscles I haven’t called upon since the first half of December and my confidence plummeted as I took (gentle) orders from the super-fit should-be-on-the-cover-of-Oxygen-magazine instructor. She is no joke. I went home beyond exhausted – I collapsed in bed at about noon and didn’t get up until about 6 pm. (DH didn’t appreciate that I was bouncing off the walls at 9 pm though – heehee)

Friday: Tempo Run day: 1 mi slow jog, 3 mi 8:39 pace, 1 mi slow jog. I’ve been agonizing over this because I’ve been practicing on slowing my pace that I wasn’t sure if I could do it anymore. In addition, I’ve been SO EXHAUSTED! To combat my fear, for the past few days I used visualization exercises, which calmed my jitters a bit. I decided to use my regular route. WRONG DECISION – my regular route is hilly!. At about mile 2.5-ish, I broke down to a walk (or “pathetic crawl,” as some would describe it) for about 1/4 mile and from there, slooooowly jogged and completed fartleks instead (I even ran up to the 6:34 pace – wow!!!). Plus, did I mention that it was 75 degrees in the morning???? Holy cats. I finished the mileage (with a beet red face!), came home for a snack (I almost threw it up) and sat a good few minutes in shower on the floor. I wasn’t sure about attending a yoga class an hour later, but I’m glad I did! Thanks to the class, I came out once again a relaxed, less sore, and a little more optimistic. Gotta love yoga.

Of course, I can’t just vent and leave it as is. Tough times are excellent opportunities to learn and grow – and this week definitely fits squarely in the box called “challenge.”

Firstly… (I got this idea from one of my favorite Sparkteams)

I ACCEPT that I bit off more than I could chew this week.
I ACCEPT that my body needs rest.
I ACCEPT that I am exhausted.
I ACCEPT that I am afraid of the elevation involved in the HM.
I ACCEPT that I can’t hold up the 8:39 pace on a hilly route, and especially when I am exhausted.
I ACCEPT that I need to recover.
I ACCEPT that rebuild will follow breakdown.
I ACCEPT that I have a long way to go.
I ACCEPT that I need to learn patience.
I ACCEPT that this is hard because “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”
I ACCEPT that this time will pass at its own time.
I ACCEPT that my body has a timetable separate from my mind and heart.
I ACCEPT that I am turning 29, not 19.
I ACCEPT that I needed change and challenge, which will help me grow.
I ACCEPT that everyone needs to start somewhere.
I ACCEPT that I am not listening to my body close enough.
I ACCEPT the heatwave blanketing SoCal.
I ACCEPT that I need to work hard.
I ACCEPT that hard work does not always feel good.
I ACCEPT that the finish after hard work is delicious.
I ACCEPT that not every run will be glorious, but most will be.
I ACCEPT that my body may crave more nourishment.
I ACCEPT that the harder I work, the more my body needs me to listen.
I ACCEPT that I need to “trust the process.”

Secondly, my plan.

1. With the exception of yesterday, I am not eating enough carbs. With the mileage I’m putting in, I should be aiming for 225-250g of carbs for energy and NEVER below 200g. The exhaustion could also be coming from the lack thereof as well. The body is like an employee – you can’t crack the whip without extra compensation or risk your employee going postal on your booty. With this in mind, heavier training means MORE FOOD. I need to hammer this into my head.

2. Possibly find a new route to do the tempo runs. My regular route is hilly, but with long runs on the monster hills, it’s too much for me right now. I need a flat stretch of road.

3. Use the iPod again? I ditched my iPod awhile ago because it was sooo much more fun to just run on my own, but never underestimate the amount and power of motivation that comes through music! I’m not sure about this though because I like to be aware of my surroundings and I feel a lot safer without it. Plus, music gets annoying when I’m trying to concentrate on breathing and form. Hmm.

4. TEA DOES NOT HYDRATE. What was I thinking??? I’ve been drinking my jasmine green tea first things in the mornings, but it seemed to do nothing but dehydrate me during my run today. Water rules!

5. Even though the classes are incredibly fun, I may need to scale back a few. Except for yoga of course. :):):)

6. Fall in love with running again. If running was my boyfriend, I’d guess you’d say we’ve been fighting all week. I hate that I’m looking at it like a calorie burner these days instead of an activity that I sing Lionel Richie songs to. I think it’s time to hit the books about running again… Maybe find inspirational running quotes… Stories… Maybe even peruse my old blogs from when I did the C25k and One Hour Runner plans. Running and I need some darn good make up you-know-whats!!!

7. Implement a reward system into my training schedule? I’m atypical to where I don’t respond to rewards, but who knows. It’s worth thinking through.

Well that’s it… I’m off to the spa for some r&r. Hey – that’s a reward, isn’t it? 😉


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