Hills Do A Body Good… Right?

Today was the first run since I started in August where I wanted to quit in the middle of it.

In the spirit of committing towards a hellaciously hilly mountainous 10k AND half marathon, I embarked on a new running route that I thought would provide me the hill training I needed.

Result: I nearly DIED and by mile 4, I was begging myself to quit!!! Sure I smiled at passersby, but in my head I was whining strings of creatively colorful curse words so long that it would have made the Guinness World Records, paws down.

The good thing was that in the midst of negotiations with myself, I agreed to not quit only if I skipped Part 2 of the killer hill training I initially planned, mainly because the temperature was climbing (72 degrees) and it became more of a safety issue than anything else.

But I did finish 7 miles in 1:11:34 non-stop (except for the 5 second rests at each of the two stoplights) with a modest elevation gain of 1489 feet, shedding only a few tears and a fairly exhausted me. I reflected the trauma I endured as I walked crawled home, stripping down to my jogging bra and pants from the heat – in front of an old lady and church no less! By the time I reached my front yard, I was more relaxed and thoughts of “OMG What did I get myself into?” was further from the front of my mind.

I need yoga… NOW!


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