My First Tempo Run!

First of all, had I known how FUN and EXHILARATING tempo runs were, I would have incorporated it into my runs a long time ago.

My running program went like this today:

5 min warm up walk
10 min easy jog at heart rate zone 3 (70-80% max)

Repeat 5x:
15 sec run at 90%-95% effort
45 sec recovery (easy jog)

15 min easy jog at heart rate zone 3 (70-80% max)
5 min cool down walk

The crazy/amazing thing about today was that according to Garmin, I actually hit into the 6 minute mile area – HOLY CRAP!!! And the best part? I didn’t even run it at all-out! It wasn’t too long ago that I was freaking out about dipping into the 7’s but now 6’s??? At this rate, with a little extra elbow grease, qualifying for Boston could truly become a reality!

Although for hours afterwards the tempo run felt like nothing, as I sit typing at this very moment, my legs are starting to complain from soreness. I have an off day tomorrow and I welcome it!


2 thoughts on “My First Tempo Run!

  1. I love tempo runs, too, Kitty — although I run them a little differently.

    Typically I’ll run a six mile outing at easy pace, with miles 3 and 4 at half marathon pace (slightly brisk, but not frantic).

    It just feels like going up a gear for the middle part of the run, and I agree it’s quite exhilarating to do this workout when your training is going well.

    Sometimes I’ll split the fast section into two with an easy mile in between:

    2 miles easy run
    1 mile at half marathon pace
    1 mile easy run
    1 mile at half marathon pace
    1 mile easy run.

    Total 6 miles.

    I’d always try to do these runs on warm weather days if you can. You don’t want to ping any muscles or tendons when the temperatures are close to freezing.

    Have fun, and kind regards from a very chilly London.

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