OHR: Week 9, Day 2

Originally completed on Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How Goes It

Today’s run was supposed to be 38 minutes, but the Garmin went completely nuts right after mile one and would not work the rest of the time! ARRRGH!!! Upset, I fiddled with it for a about a minute or two before giving up. (Lesson: Instruction manuals exist to be read.) I continued on my way without any form of technology to track my time or mileage.

I started incorporating what I’ve learned in the running clinics and Chi Running into my past few runs. It was awkward at first, but then on this run, it seemed to come together, because before I knew it, I’d run 4.88 miles completely unintentionally and I felt even better than I started – I had to force myself to stop!

In my running history, this is revolutionary. I never felt winded, sore, stressed or tired. Garmin reported my first mile at 9:17, yet it felt so easy, especially since it’s the first part of my run that contains 4 super steep hills. When I climbed the half mile ascent just after mile 2.25, there was no question whether or not I would complete it – I did it without breaking a sweat and I could have done it again. It was like a breakthrough.

Today I have a 54 minute run, but I may attempt to get to the full 60!!! Was it just in August that I started out running 60 seconds at a time???

4.88 miles


60°F, Sunny, Overcast


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