OHR: Week 9, Day 1

How Goes It

I ran in 40-something degree weather for the first time! (Actually it was 49°F, but I still consider 49 to be in the “40s”) It was also rainy – ewww. Seriously, if it wasn’t for the fact that I am leaving for vacation on Thursday, I would have skipped it.

I used my nifty new heart monitor today – nevermind that it took me 20 minute to figure out that it goes under my “girls,” not above them. I synched it easily to my Garmin and went out the door to see what would happen.

It of course showed that I am running completely out of my fat-burning zone and into anaerobic levels. Not good. My reports after also showed that I am at 100% when I go up a hill – duh. Lesson: SLOW THE F DOWN!

The upside is that I’m learning to pace myself in the beginning of the run, instead of the opposite.

I’m also happy to avoid a near-death incident with a garbage truck. I’m not sure how he didn’t see me when he’s staring right at me in my super bright turquoise vest, but whatev’s – I’m alive!


Total Time: 00:30:00
Avg Pace: 09:10 min/mi
Max Pace: 07:35 min/mi


Lap Pace Avg Heart Rate
Mile 1 09:25 min/mi 86% Percent of Max
Mile 2 09:08 min/mi 83% Percent of Max
Mile 3 08:57 min/mi 88% Percent of Max
Finish 09:07 min/mi 88% Percent of Max


49°F, Light Rain


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