OHR: Week 8, Day 3

How Goes It

Laziness really spoke to me today, but I still managed to get my butt up and out the door.

Another hellacious run! But this time, it wasn’t me – it was the 24 mph winds (runnersworld.com classifies it as “stormy” – yikes!) blowing dirt, leaves and small puppies into my face. At certain points, I had one arm pumping while the other tried in vain to keep down the bill of my cap and towel in my eyes. Misery. My calves are pretty sore right now too, probably from running into the wind. I must be a complete NUT for running in this weather! (((picturing the flying cow in that movie Twister)))

A minor lesson I had to learn:
long run = run slow
long run = run slow
long run = run slow
long run = run slow
long run = run slow

Yeah… That light bulb lit at around mile 2.

Other than that, I’m pretty proud of myself for running 5.25+ miles straight without stopping!!! Minus the one time I was forced to jog in place to allow a [explicative] car – who obviously had no intention of stopping – through an intersection. Grr. I could have easily run the full 60, but I’m planning squeezing in the entire Week 9 between tomorrow and before I leave for vacation on Thursday, so I didn’t want to over do it.

According to a quiz in Jan 2009’s issue of Runner’s World, I am meant to run long distances like marathons and such. I wasn’t sure about that until today, when I felt my body turn into “autopilot” right before mile 4. I’m also really good at running without music. Who knows! This could be the first indication towards tapping into what my body’s true talents. Exciting stuff.


Total Time: 00:50:01 (it was supposed to be 49 minutes but I like round, even numbers hee)
Avg Pace: 09:30 min/mi
Max Pace: 07:40 min/mi

Mile 1: 09:19 min/mi
Mile 2: 09:29 min/mi
Mile 3: 09:40 min/mi
Mile 4: 09:34 min/mi
Mile 5: 09:30 min/mi
Finish: 09:13 min/mi


56°F, Sunny, Windy (24mph)


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