OHR: Week 8, Day 2

How Goes It

It didn’t go that well today; in fact, I stopped three times – two for side cramps and once when I got super tired.

Oh and did I mention this was only supposed to be a 36 minute run???

Typically I run my best after a day’s rest, but today was nothing like that. I’m beginning to wonder if it has anything to do with my diet – wouldn’t be the first!. I will look at my food log and see about my carb/protein (and maybe fat too) intake.

Today’s run doesn’t bother me a bit; in fact, I look forward to running again! I recognize that it’s just one of those things that just happens.

Oh oh oh! I went to a running clinic held by this guy who’s trained Olympic medalists and NBA players the other day. Very helpful! I tried to implement the methods I learned but it feels weird to lift my knees when I run. I think I need to work my gluteus maximus muscles as recommended and continue to practice the leg thing. I do have to say though, it felt really super cool (and a little scary too!) to allow my center gravity to take me.

I also learned that in order to run faster, you have to run slow. I ran what I thought were 10+ MM (according to live packing) but it turned out that I was still doing 9 MMs. Garmin needs to stop hitting the margaritas!


Total Time/Distance : 37:04 and 3.93 miles (I forgot it was s’posed to be 36 min only)
Ave Pace: 9:26 MM
Max Pace: 7:33 MM

Mile 1: 9:07 MM
Mile 2: 9:14 MM
Mile 3: 9:42 MM
Mile 4: 8:59 MM


68° F, Sunny


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