OHR: Week 7, Day 3

Originally completed on Monday, December 8, 2008

How Goes It

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about running 45 minute straight with ZERO breaks, but thanks to Garmin, my new BFF, I was able to control my pace and hence not blow myself up by running at outrageous speeds (for me).

At about mile 3.33, a part of my regular route loops so that I can stretch my journey to 6-7 miles, but let me just say that it feels weird/awesome to actually run into the areas where it used to be time for me to walk!!! It’s unbelievable to think back to 2007 when 8-minute runs was quite the tackle. I have conquered, yeah!

I felt completely refreshed at the end of the run; in fact, I probably could have knocked out the full 60! But alas, patience pays. It would not be worth botching up the 5k race I have this weekend nor risk hurting myself (I would just die if the latter happened).


Total Time/Distance: 45:03 and 4.88 miles
Avg Pace: 9:14 MM
Max Pace: 7:49 MM

Mile 1: 9:16 MM
Mile 2: 9:15 MM
Mile 3: 9:21 MM
Mile 4: 9:11 MM
End: 9:03 MM

60° F, Sunny, Windy


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