OHR: Week 7, Day 2

How Goes It

INSANELY AWFUL!!! (sob-wail-sniffle) I got a bad case of the cramps again – this time TWICE. To cope, I stopped my watch and lightly semi-jogged in place for a minute or two (in a very pissed off way) and continued again when the pain went away.

There are two reasons why this could be happening:

  • Breakfast. The most I used to eat prior to a run was part of a granola bar, but this and the last time I ran, I had a bowl of oatmeal about 45 minutes to an hour prior. Maybe I run best with an empty stomach.
  • Time of day. I’ve been running at noon versus 6 am. It’s highly unlikely that this change causes cramps, but it is something different I don’t usually do and could be a possibilty.

Other than that, the conditions are identical as usual. It’s just annoying that these aren’t side stitches but actual cramps that make me stop. (What? Am I wishing that they were side stitches instead? Oh my!)


34:00 – 8:56 MM @ 3.81 miles

Start to 2.16 miles – 8:50 MM
2.16 miles to end – 9:04 MM


60°F, Sunny


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