100 Push Ups: Week 5, Day 2 #3

Completed on Thursday, December 4, 2008

It’s been a week since I last did the program, thanks to this mysterious funk that clouds my days. However, the thought of regression thanks to my inability to get myself motivated was enough to get me to get to it yesterday. I wasn’t sure if I should do Day 2 or Day 3, but figuring that it’s been awhile since my last session, Day 2 seemed to be the best option.

19-19-22-22-18-18-22 max: 46

Set 1: Easy
Set 2: Easy
Set 3: Not hard and no burn, but I can feel the effort
Set 4: I’m starting to get taxed…
Set 5: This may be only 18 push ups, but they were QUALITY push ups. I can feel my strength!
Set 6: Good so far. Maybe I should have gone with Day 3 today.
Set 7: Minimal amount of burning
Max: Took breaks at 22, 25, 35, 46

Okay, so this wasn’t much of an improvement than last week, but after waking up this morning with soreness in my chest and arms, I’m pretty satisfied.

Additional Note: I started this exercise with a terrible attitude after a hellacious run, yet I finished with a runner’s high? Have push ups ever given any one a sense of euphoria? Weird!


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