OHR: Week 7, Day 1

How Goes It

This was supposed to be a really quick and easy 30 minute run, however, at about 24:30, a terrible case of sharp cramps gripped me on the right side which forced me to jog in place for a minute or two.

Of course this is my own fault for drinking a ton of liquids minutes before I left the house (therefore creating a “sloshing” sound in my tummy) and I ran much faster than I intended. Lessons learned!

I also developed a massive headache as I walked home after the run. Arrrgh.


30:00 – 3.41 miles @ 8:48 MM

Start to 2.16 mi – 19:09 min @ 8:52 MM
2.16 mi to end – 10:00 min @ 8:41 MM


58°F, Overcast


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